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All multisite-ed!

Of course, I’m talking about about the other sites, Lunadream and Drache. Using the method from Mixu’s tech blog, I moved both of them in very quickly and painlessly. One good thing is that I kept both of the sites at their most basic so nothing much can go wrong. Now that they are in the network, it’s time for a makeover~

Of course, this blog is not going to be left out. :3 In fact, I would like to start with it first.

Got multisite working, finally

After drooling at it for so long, I can finally host all of my separate sites under a single WordPress installation! Many thanks to my wonderful webhost who moved my site over to a new webserver and added the configuration necessary for multisite to work.

Back online, hopefully

Apathetic Moon is back online now (hopefully permanently) on a freshly installed WordPress v3.0.4 with old content imported through WordPress’s Importer. I’ve submitted a review request with Google, hopefully it will get through and traffic won’t be blocked anymore.

At the moment, I’m gonna just concentrate on getting the other sites up before starting to customize this one. Maybe I can even wait until I CAN create a multisite properly before going nuts with the themes and plugins. (Not too crazy of course, still need to be wary of those pesky malware using bastards)

Reference for reinstalling a clean WP site

Because of the pesky Webarh infection, I’m reinstalling/restarting my sites with the old content but fresh installs + cleanup. I was hoping to be able to take the opportunity to get multisite working but… no such luck. In any case, this is just a list to remind myself of what I did and have to remember to do to get the bare basics of my old sites up before tackling things like plugins and themes and what not.

New additions to the site

I made a post some time ago saying that I was considering making a Projects page? Well, I finally went and did it today (even though I’m supposed to be doing an assignment). It doesn’t have much at the moment, but it does help me keep track of what I have put up on the Internet.

Other than that, I have also added/changed a few things to the site.

WordPress 3.0! Launched!

I was fiddling with the latest Release Candidate installation when I saw a pretty yellow box appear at the top of my page. Imagine my surprise!

From WordPress Blog : WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

It isn’t much to say that I have been waiting for months for this release. But it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

See ‘Related Posts’

I have added a ‘Related Posts’ section to show under the post entries so it’s easier to navigate (aka. get lost) through the contents of this blog. There are several WordPress plugins offering this function, but I am trying out this one called “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin“. It’s working great so far, though I’m still tweaking its options.

On a sidenote, I’m testing out WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 on a test site and probably won’t be upgrading the blog up until I know how not to mess up when getting the multi-site network thing to work.

Changes to Apathetic Moon!

Decided to spend some time on this blog and made a few changes I’ve been wanting to. I was browsing for another theme but at the end, I still like this one (Color Paper) best, despite some of the issues that ticked me off occasionally.

I addressed some of them today and it’s much more to my satisfaction now. Though it seems I may want to style the Search box as well.

Secure your WP blog, says Matt

Knowing logically that websites can be infected with virus and reading a blog engine developer’s lengthy advice to upgrade the blog engine you are using to prevent getting infected with a worm is quite different. Nowadays malware are everywhere. 🙁 Good thing is my blog and webbies are up to date.  If you or somebody you know is using a WordPress version that has not patched the security vulnerability, heed Matt’s advice.

Tangofy Icon Set: Rainbow Mix

I used the Silk WordPress admin menu icon set with Tangofy plugin because I didn’t like the monochromatic icons, but I didn’t particularly like the whole of that or any of the other sets. So yesterday when I was playing with the custom taxonomy thing for Drache’s test site, I got side-tracked and modified the admin icons into a set that I like. This is the result, Rainbox Mix.

Belated welcome to WordPress 2.7!

Source : WordPress 2.7, named Coltrane is officially released.

I’ve upgraded up to this version a few days ago and so far things have been smooth. In fact so smooth that I’m considering making and modifying some plugins and themes. That is, before I clear the list of things I want done to my current setup.

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 is up

Woot! WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 is up! I’ve been trying out the nightly builds and watched as things changed and very happy with how things are now, especially the icons and how the quick management of post and page will show on mouse-over now instead of all the time previously.

Can’t wait for the official version to be out. It’ll be great, I know it. 😀

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