I used the Silk WordPress admin menu icon set with Tangofy plugin because I didn’t like the monochromatic icons, but I didn’t particularly like the whole of that or any of the other sets. So yesterday when I was playing with the custom taxonomy thing for Drache’s test site, I got side-tracked and modified the admin icons into a set that I like. This is the result, Rainbox Mix.

If you’re familiar with Tangofy’s icon sets, you’ll notice that it’s a mix and match of sets, and I also added in a number of Silk’s icons that were not in the set. It’s quite obvious why I gave it this particular name, isn’t it?

I’m happy I sacrificed a few hours of sleep for this, I don’t think I’ll be doing much modifications to it, except maybe make it look even more colorful, lol. (Like the little gear icon, it looks like light purple may do it some good, Pages icon may look nice in pale yellow, hmm).

Anyway, here’s the ‘menu-alt.png’ that make my admin menu looks the way it does.

Right-click to save it, and don’t change its name, unless you’re planning to rename it back. To use it, you have to install and activate Tangofy. Upload this ‘menu-alt.png’ to the ‘images’ directory, then select ‘Alt’ as your icon set choice from Tangofy’s setting page. Ta-da!

Just a note though, I’m not 100% sure if this file will stay put after Tangofy gets a plugin upgrade, so try to remember where you save the file, in case you lose it. Or you can always visit this page again. 😛

Since I did not make the icons, I am just using them and modifying them a little here (like the icon for Tools, its original had dark blue instead and I didn’t like it) and there (the original Silk icon for Link looks a lot darker and Media’s original icon is bigger), here’s a disclaimer copied from the Tangofy setting page.

The Fugue set is a selection from Fugue Icons. The Silk set is a selection from Silk Icons. The Tango sets use icons by the Tango Project and by projects whose icons follow the Tango guidelines: GIMP, GNOME, Pidgin and Tango.