After drooling at it for so long, I can finally host all of my separate sites under a single WordPress installation! Many thanks to my wonderful webhost who moved my site over to a new webserver and added the configuration necessary for multisite to work.

I ran into a bit of trouble with the getting actual subdomains to show instead of being told by WordPress that there’s no such site available because I didn’t create any, but I did a bit of googling and straightened it out. Everything should be working fine now, unless I missed something. ^^;;

In any case, this blog is hosted on a multisite installation but it’s the only one right now. The other two sites will have to wait until I get back from Malaysia after Chinese New Year because I migrate them in. I can’t wait until everything’s in the right place and I can start twiddling with themes and plugins and whatnot. *-*

Also, Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone. May you have a great year ahead!!