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Some Announcements for my Twitch Streams and etc

This is mostly meant for my Twitch regulars / viewers and I was going to post it on Discord. Then I posted it (as four separate messages too) and realize I wrote too much and it’s better as a blog post that I can also share to Twitter as well. ^^;

There are quite a few topics I want to talk about, so bear with me here.

Big News in Shizu’s life!

It’s been a while since I last posted, largely because of the broken images in the blog that I have only just fixed. Now that they are fixed, I’m more likely to make blog posts now.

However, it’s unlikely I’m going to be posting all that frequently either, because some time next month, I’ll have a little one to take care of.

Yes, I’m going to be a mama soon.

It’s going to be a huge life-changing event, or rather it already is. Worry not, this is not suddenly going to turn into a mummy blog. I may or may not have posts musing about thoughts on being a mother, but my need for privacy and security means I likely won’t share much, especially photos.

From start of October, I’ll have begun the long break from my live-streaming activities on Twitch and soon after, most of my gaming activities.

After giving birth, I will be focused on recovery and taking care of the newborn, and probably won’t be able to do much else anyway. I’m blessed in that I don’t have to worry about going back to work asap as my current work arrangements are very flexible, so I’ll take as long as I need to be in a good stable state before I restart live-streaming or work.

It’s likely to take a while before I’m back for good though, considering my energy level and spoons aren’t much to start with. But that’s something in the future, and who knows what that will hold for us? 🙂

Images are fixed! I’m back? Sort of.

I was feeling rather out of sorts and in a bout of procrastination, decided to login and update the wordpress software version. Which then led me to attempting to fix the botched image thumbnails and links (which, note to self, was caused by mismatched folders and image urls).

Long story short, images are fixed! So I don’t have a mental block stopping me from popping in and posting some FFXIV.SS or making posts now.

As for whether I’ll be posting more…. check out the other post about the Big News~

Just popping in a bit and updating the backend stuff but oh boy, the images are all mostly still broken somehow. I’m a bit swamped by work (and other matters), so it’ll be a while until I can sit down and fix them properly.

FFXIV.SS #10 – Magical Il Mheg

I was flying through Il Mheg to do my Miner’s Crystalline Mean quests and the colors of this place is just astoundingly beautiful. Reshade is used to make the colors pop a little more but even without, it’s still a gorgeous area.

Llama commands

1st half of the llama-gif commands
2nd half of the llama-gif commands

These are the llamama gifs that subscribers of my Twitch channel are able to use in Twitch’s chat, and everyone in my Discord server can use. They are created by the very talented huiro, who also does amazing pokemon fanart. I have asked her for the permission to use the gifs for these purposes.

I updated the WordPress engine for the blog recently and somehow the images in the recent posts couldn’t be displayed properly after that. I did a bit of searching and it was caused by a plugin so I disabled it and everything should be back to before the update now.

There are still broken images from when I migrated the site and somehow managed to mess up my media library big time. Those I’ll see about fixing them bit by bit in my spare time.

I think new update broke images again, so when I have free time later this week (which I may have scheduled a bunch of stuff), I’ll see how I can fix them.

FFXIV.SS #09 – Moonfire Faire

Moonfire Faire has returned to Eorzea! Again it’s at Costa del Sol and the beautiful beachside fireworks view is back!

With the new desktop I have, it also means that I can install Reshade again and take beautiful screenshots that I don’t have to use Photoshop on.

This year’s event features an epic fight between a bombard and a giant shark on two legs. Players have to dance to aid the bombard in defeating the shark and it’s just such a movie scene lol.

The reward from the event is a beautiful Hawaiian-inspired clothing set.

Screenshot of my Viera character with a dark-skinned light-haired Elezen female NPC in Lavender Beds. Reshade is used to take this photo.
Found a lovely Elezen NPC lady to take photo with in Lavender Beds.

Some updates

Lately there’s some odd behavior with the blog, such as the index page randomly going down for short time due to too many redirect.

And when I poked around the past posts a bit more, I found that a bunch of posts have broken images (or maybe they were broken since a while back but I lost track of things and forgot to fix them).

Soooo, I’ll be spending a bit more time on the blog. However, the bulk of my focus will still be on my freelance work, Twitch streaming and gaming.

Speaking of that, I took a short break for FFXIV but I also have not been updating the FFXIV.SS series, have I? Hmmm…. I’ll go pick something soon. 😀

FFXIV.SS #08 – Otter Friend

(A short story that didn’t happen, but sure looks like it did.)
It happened a while back. We had a… disagreement. It was probably over something small.
But it got heated, and so he left.

Finally got my Abroader Otter! I’ve been wanting one since it was announced, and handed my partner (our FC’s voyage master) with the mission to bring it home. It took him a very long while, because we didn’t have a single submarine for our FC then. But thanks to his effort and with the help of the other FC mates, we are starting to get Abroader Otters now!

I immediately brought mine to a beach to take screenshots and got these ones. 😀 Plus a bonus photo!

Screenshot of the Abroader Otter on a rock on the beach of The Mist, with a photo frame.
(Continuation of the imaginary short story)
Today I opened the mailbox, and saw a single photo inside. No words, no addresses, just a photo. But I know, we are alright now.

A Little Lantern

When I think of myself as a streamer, I think of lights. Each streamer is a lamp, and some, are those huge ones that illuminated stadiums, some are the street lamps guiding paths, some are the disco lights of large friendly social spaces. All sorts of many different lights.

Myself, I think, is a lantern in wood cabin near a quiet forest and field (a very western imagery, despite me being thoroughly Asian). Something like the one in this photo.

Photo by Amber Wolfe on Unsplash

It lights up a cozy space for family and friends, and any who comes in and stays a while. The lantern itself (me, not the one in the photo) runs on limited fuel and needs replenishing ever so often. It tries hard to keep steady but sometimes it gets a little excitable, sometimes a little dim and not energetic. Not the most reliable, but it tries.

The cabin is out and away from cities, far from people. Somehow people do come by, but they leave quickly, for one reason or another. A few visits time and again, and their presence makes the lantern to burn a little brighter, a little warmer and a little longer.

The lantern wishes to stay lit for those few who, for reasons the lantern does not understand, comes back to the cabin. Sometimes the lantern wonders, is there anything that can be done to get more people to come by or stick around more? Maybe, it has some assets it could make use of, but the lantern is a little stubborn about changing to become something else it is not, and for people coming for the wrong reason.

So the lantern will keep burning its little flame for the little cabin and its precious few. Maybe the cabin will be decorated a little at times, maybe more tidying could be done here and there, or a little more features added… but the lantern will not change.

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoAmber Wolfe

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