I made a post some time ago saying that I was considering making a Projects page? Well, I finally went and did it today (even though I’m supposed to be doing an assignment). It doesn’t have much at the moment, but it does help me keep track of what I have put up on the Internet.

Other than that, I have also added/changed a few things to the site.

For side-navigation:

  • Categories, Calendar and Tags are now in a single tabbed menu, Tabbed Widgets plugin is what makes it possible. I would lump my Links, Friend’s Link and Meta together under another tabbed menu, but I couldn’t get it to work properly.
  • Social media icons added, using Social Media Widget plugin.
  • Twitter widget added.

For the individual posts:

  • Ability to share a post with Facebook, Twitter, email and ShareThis, using ShareThis plugin.
  • Ability to see how many times a post has been viewed, thanks to WP-PostViews plugin. Sadly, the view count is all zero at the moment. If only I can import the stats from WordPress.com Stats in.

How very odd, that I can end up accomplishing so much of what I’ve wanted to do when what I’m supposed to be doing is my assignment.