Decided to spend some time on this blog and made a few changes I’ve been wanting to. I was browsing for another theme but at the end, I still like this one (Color Paper) best, despite some of the issues that ticked me off occasionally.

I addressed some of them today and it’s much more to my satisfaction now. Though it seems I may want to style the Search box as well.


  • Use “WPTouch” plugin to give this blog a mobile theme.
  • Added a more visible “Read More” link for the posts.
  • Prettier permalinks, aka URLs that actually mean something.
  • Calendar added to the side bar.
  • “MapleSEA” page has been changed to “Gaming”.
  • “Anime & Manga” page added.


  • Added a bunch of “Edit this” quick links for quick editing.
  • Switched media management from NextGen Gallery to WordPress’s own.