Who is Shizu?

Shizu, also known to some as Sel, is born in 1980+, living in Singapore, married. Can speak English and Chinese fluently, understands basic Japanese. I would describe myself as introvert, millenial, otaku, fujoshi, Jane of many tricks, master of none.

Hobbies include watching animes, reading novels or a variety of reading materials online, reading manga, playing games, twiddling with google sheets or custom CSS. Dipped toes into cosplay and props crafting for a while but is not actively participating in those now. πŸ˜€

She plays video games?

Yep! Avid gamer since young. Variety gamer who favors console JRPGs and indies but also selectively plays a lot of other stuff. Would like to try every indie game possible but there’s just so many good ones *cries*. Currently slowly playing through the dreaded Backlog, helped by streaming on Twitch. (I also have a page for my streaming info)

Not good at RTS, competitive FPS or versus type fighting games at all. Owns all the Playstation consoles from Playstation 2 onwards, co-owns a Nintendo Switch but not a single Xbox. I’m quite fond of MMORPGs too, having played some and still currently playing FFXIV.

Trophies Earned on Playstation

Note that my playstation account was a shared-with-family account, meaning some games that I have trophies of are actually played by my sisters instead.

Link to psnprofiles.com

Social Media?

If you have anything you want to ask me, you can pop in during one of my streams on Twitch, or find me at one of these places:

  • Twitter (mostly streaming related stuff, retweets of my interests or cute things)
  • Mastodon (private little corner for my thoughts)
  • Facebook page (streaming related stuff same as Twitter, for now)
  • Instagram (occasional photo of interesting things, not very active)

As long as it’s questions I’m comfortable with, I’ll answer them. ^^