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DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’

It’s been a while, but I found something to update about with the new ‘Guild War’ patch. Hidden within this patch, there’s a new Collection Title! And it’s even better than the previous ones!

Without further yattering, here are the details of the title and how to get it (according to the ingame Achievement window). A word of warning though, I have obtained some titles, but I have yet to test and verify the conditions of all of the requirements. So feedback will be most welcomed. =D

  • Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.
  • Removing Abyss Dungeons achievement quest requirements due to an update in the 8th October 2013 game patch:

    “All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.”

  • Collection Title name updated, dungeon levels updated.

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Some news on my end

It’s been a while since I update this blog, so I’m here with some little news and updates.

1) On 19th May 2012, this blog had a whooping 11,000 views because of a certain title related event in Dragon Nest SEA that brought crazy amount of traffic to my Collection Titles guide. That was kinda crazy and unexpected, haha!

2) Cherry Credits recently upgrade their forum software (which’s a damn good thing because they had a rampant spam problem) so some of the links in my post to topics in their forum are broken. I have fixed those I spotted, but if you spot any, please let me know. Thank you~

3) I’m playing Diablo 3, like half of the gaming world. But I’m also crazy about fishing in Dragon Nest’s newly introduced farming system, although I don’t quite know how to profit from farming yet.

I think that’s about it.

Natural Disaster?!

“P.S: Getting owned by kobold is NOT a natural disaster.”

Some of my favorite moments in Dragon Nest is when its odd sense of humor popped up quietly and surprised me.

I have no idea how hard I laughed after reading this.
Oh Dragon Nest you.

Tips for Business Tycoon Online (SEA)

More like note to self, but glad to share if anyone find them useful. And credits to my wonderful guildmates for sharing some of those tips with me too.

And yeah, I end up playing and liking this game. >.>

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Dragon Nest SEA, new Hybrid FTG system

As expected, there’s a lot of debate and rage about the newly introduced FTG system. I’m taking a break now after a few hours of dungeon runs, and I gotta say I’m pretty taken by the FTG system.

It could be because I’m a) not a level 40, b) not a farmer, c) not a trader, but just a casual player who likes the story and the gameplay.

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Dragon Nest SEA – 150 mark patch!

Today’s another of those loved/dreaded patch days for Dragon Nest SEA and although we are not getting one of those awaited Sea Dragon Nest, new class Academic and level 50 cap yet, we are getting a hell of a revamp. I’m personally very excited and can’t wait for the game to be up.

First, just a quick brief list of the updates/changes introduced this patch.

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Dragon Nest SEA, NPC Gift Drop List

[Guide] Dragon Nest NPC Gift Drop List (SEA Format)

Sharing another useful guide in Cherry Credits forum that’s written by Reinya for Dragon Nest SEA server. This one is good for people who wants to farm specific gifts for certain NPCs in order to increase Alliance Points to exchange for the nice stuff available in the Guild Shops.

Common FAQ o1 for Dragon Nest SEA

I check the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest SEA forum every now and then for tips and guides, and I found some questions that were asked quite often, and some of them were ask in the ingame world chat as well.

Thus this idea to compile these questions together into a quick FAQ. This is based on Dragon Nest SEA, but may help with other servers too.

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Dragon Nest SEA, about Vortex & Spiral Codes

Some things I want to remember after reading the Disassembling guide, though oddly it’s about the enhancing codes that I’ve recently became very interested in :

  1. Vortex Code is the enhancing code which does not require item’s enhancement level to be a level lower than the level state on the item, Spiral Code is the one.
  2. For Sorceress, when using Vortex/Spiral codes, the Main Weapon is Crystal Ball, Spellbook or Voodoo Doll and the Secondary Weapon is the Staff.

I think that’s all. o.o Now go check out that awesome guide!

Disassembling your way to glory

Disassembling your way to glory

Found this gem of a guide by theorgil in the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest SEA forums. It is detailed guide on how and what to disassemble, what you can get from it and what you can do with the stuff you get.

It is definitely worth a read.

MouseHunt Onyx Mallet and ACRONYM cheatsheet

My sister has the awesomely named ACRONYM trap so I was wondering how to get it. I was so glad to find out that I could start collecting ingredients for the ACRONYM trap, namely the Onyx Stone, in the Dojo where I was hunting. Then I realize how complicated the process is for getting an Onyx Stone. And that there’s another trap that needs it, the Onyx Mallet.

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Dragon Nest SEA, Fix for Trading House Lag

Today, I found out from this topic in the Dragon Nest SEA forums, that changing resolution of your Dragon Nest SEA game client was able to fix the infamous Trading House Lag.

Courtesy of the forumers atemu1234 and Scarel01, here are the resolutions that work (windowed mode is recommended) :

1280 x 720 (wide), 1360 x 768 (wide) and 1600 x 900 (wide)

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