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Dragon Nest SEA – 150 mark patch!

Today’s another of those loved/dreaded patch days for Dragon Nest SEA and although we are not getting one of those awaited Sea Dragon Nest, new class Academic and level 50 cap yet, we are getting a hell of a revamp. I’m personally very excited and can’t wait for the game to be up.

First, just a quick brief list of the updates/changes introduced this patch.

New Contents

  • New PVP mode: Occupational War
  • Nest Practice Mode, no ticket -> no EXP and item reward, 100% training mode on
  • Cash Shop update: Magical School Uniforms
  • Altea Box update: Brown Dire Wolf mount


  • ‘Song of Goddess – The Eternal Path’ is back in Calderock Village!
  • UI Enhancement for Character Info and Gacha-Box UI.
  • Repurchase system, because accidentally selling the wrong item to NPC is so painful.
  • Level Up Skill Alert,good for me because I have a history of not checking in with my job’s Master and end up learning several skills in one go.
  • Nests given their own Garden of Time portals, no more heading to the wrong door!
  • Newbie Nest Bonus, not sure how it works.
  • Chaos Opening entry limit reduced but drop rate increased.
  • Drop Rate increase by 40% in PVE and Nest.
  • Hybrid FTG, more EXP while there’s FTG, not able to enter dungeon when 0 FTG. But there are other ways to squeeze in more, other than partying up to reduce FTG consumption, such as using Master Apprentice System (0 FTG cost), Theme Park and Dark Lair.
  • Character Skill Balancing (my interpretation that’s not worth much: Mercenary, Acrobat and Bow Master got boost; Elemental Lord got nerfed; not sure about Cleric)


  • Auto Patch BETA, apparently helps you download the patch when it’s available, but be careful not to install it too early.
  • Free [Skill Initialization Scroll] (7 Days) for EVERYONE because the patch note managed to reach 150k shares on Facebook!

So much changes! You can read more (or watch the videos they included) in their official patch notes: ‘150 Mark’ Patch News

Personally, this does help encourage me to get to level 40 quicker, but I have mixed feelings about the Hybrid FTG system. I actually have to pace my DN playtime because I prefer to rush through several dungeons in one go and not touch the game for a few days.

As for the Skill Balancing… well, my main is an FU and I don’t really PVP so I’m not really directly affected, but I foresee massive QQ about it ingame and on the forums. My 2nd stronger who’s a Bow Master will probably be easier to use, so that’s a plus point.

I’m just gonna have to wait to get back ingame to see how the new patch sits with me.


Dragon Nest SEA, NPC Gift Drop List


Dragon Nest SEA, new Hybrid FTG system

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