More like note to self, but glad to share if anyone find them useful. And credits to my wonderful guildmates for sharing some of those tips with me too.

And yeah, I end up playing and liking this game. >.>

  1. Sell goods produced by factory to system for Sales EXP, which increases Raw Material Output amount.
  2. Funfair freebies: Luck Fragment, XC Trials, Store Expert Venture
  3. Other everyday freebies: event ‘Lucky Tornado’ 1 spin, Private Zoo Daily Hunt 3 times.
  4. Remember to get Guild Allowances.
  5. Best to do Ultimate Training on fresh new employees. If doing on employees that were recruited long time ago, remember to distribute points first. The highest Execution and highest Management (even from different employee) will carry over, undistributed points won’t.