I check the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest SEA forum every now and then for tips and guides, and I found some questions that were asked quite often, and some of them were ask in the ingame world chat as well.

Thus this idea to compile these questions together into a quick FAQ. This is based on Dragon Nest SEA, but may help with other servers too.

1. What is ABP? What does it do?

ABP stands for Altea’s Blessing Points. It is used automatically when you enter dungeons to give EXP bonus.

Everyday the characters will have maximum of 800 ABP to use up (not counting event bonus ABP that we get during events), and it is replenished back at 9am GMT +8.

It is an alternative to the Fatigue system of other servers.

1. What is FTG? What does it do?

FTG stands for Fatigue and is consumed automatically when you enter dungeons. Dragon Nest SEA has a Hybrid FTG system where as long as you have FTG, you will have increased drop rate and EXP. Once your FTG is at 0, you can still enter dungeons, but you will have reduced drop rate and EXP. For level 1 to 39 (current level cap is still 40), there is a system where the amount of FTG used per dungeon is actually quite little. But it’s a different story for level 40 characters.


2. I bought Cash Costumes and equipped them, but they are not showing up on my character.

You will need to toggle them on for them show up. In your Character window, at the bottom right corner of your equipped items, there is a little icon with blue arrows in a circle, click on that.


3. The free skill reset/initialization scroll I got from Irine at level 15 has disappeared!

Once redeemed from Irine, the scroll and the cash item set that comes along will expire in 7 days. So my advice is not to redeem them until you need the scroll because the quest itself doesn’t expire.


4. I cannot enter Minotaur’s/Cerberus/etc. Nest, why?

If your character has already reached the minimum required level for the nest, then there are 2 possible reasons:

1) You have reached your Nest limit for the week. You can check this by opening your Community window, under the Dungeon tab, click on “Nest”. The limit resets every Saturday at 9am (GMT +8).

2) You do not have the corresponding nest entry ticket. Like Minotaur’s Nest will require Red Army Commander Seal, and Cerberus Nest will require Dark Overlord Heraldry.


5. I cannot register items in the Trading House.

The Trading House has 2 limits on how many things you can register. You can only have 5 registered items at a time, and you can only register a maximum of 30 items for each week, unless you get a Trading House Special Ticket from the Cash Shop. The weekly limit resets every Saturday at 9am (GMT +8).


6. Octagonal Water and Goddess Teardrop, how to get them?

Both can be acquired by doing Daily Missions and Weekly Missions. Open your Achievement window, under Events tab, you can find the missions. If I am not wrong, they changes according to the character’s level.

For Octagonal Water, you can also get it from Merchant Pero, Guild Shop option, Free Adventurer tab. 51 Free Adventurer Alliance Points for 1 Octagonal Water. As for how to get the Alliance Points, open Friendship window and gift the NPC under the correct Alliance.


Just these ones for now. Will update this post with screenshots for easier reference later.