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DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’

It’s been a while, but I found something to update about with the new ‘Guild War’ patch. Hidden within this patch, there’s a new Collection Title! And it’s even better than the previous ones!

Without further yattering, here are the details of the title and how to get it (according to the ingame Achievement window). A word of warning though, I have obtained some titles, but I have yet to test and verify the conditions of all of the requirements. So feedback will be most welcomed. =D

  • Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.
  • Removing Abyss Dungeons achievement quest requirements due to an update in the 8th October 2013 game patch:

    “All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.”

  • Collection Title name updated, dungeon levels updated.

One-Man Army Sergeant

Under page 8 ‘Lonely World and Title’

Description: Have you challenged those scary monsters before? This title is prepared for heroes who fight alone!

STR +25
AGI +25
INT +23
VIT +20
Attk Power +40 ~ +40
Magic Attk +40 ~ +40
Final Damage +5

Like previous titles, Abyss Dungeon achievements (refer to the picture, where the red box is) must be unlocked in order to obtain some of the titles, and I have listed them with the [Abyss] prefix.

*NOTE* From 8th October 2013 onwards, to unlock Abyss Dungeon achievements, simply go to the map connected to the entrance portal of the dungeon. For example, go to “Lower Ridge” to unlock the achievements for “Prayer’s Resting Place”. Since we have to head for the dungeon to complete the achievements in the first place, this requires no extra effort.

Insane – [Abyss] Forest of Death – Stage cleared alive.

Mantikoeo Conqueror – [Abyss] Prayer’s Resting Place – Clear Abyss alone

Berserk – Lv.23 Abyss Dungeon – Clear (all) Lv. 23 Abyss mission alone

Champion – Lv.31 Abyss Dungeon – Clear all Lv. 31 Abyss mission alone

Dances with Gobfrey – Lv.16~17 Church Ruins – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty alone

Cow Stroller – Lv.16~17 Catacombs Hall – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty alone

Web Trap – Lv.18~19 Dark Tower Magic Institute – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty alone

Free assault – Lv.18~19 Silent Monastery Main Hall – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty alone

A Lone wolfLv.39 Abyss Dungeon – Clear all Lv. 39 Abyss mission alone

An extra note about the ‘Berserk‘, ‘Champion‘ and ‘A Lone wolf‘ titles, the correct Abyss Dungeon achievements must be unlocked and I do believe that the requirements are to clear all of the Abyss Dungeons of that level for each title. You will have to check the individual dungeon’s ‘Clear Abyss Alone’ missions to find out which ones you have not done.

These titles also have some Rings as rewards.

Right now, I am also working my way towards getting this title because it’s so obviously better, but it might be a long journey for me. To be honest, I wrote this also for my own reference.

If there are any errors, please do let me know. ^^ And I hope that this guide is able to help people get that awesome title!


Most of the information can be found ingame in the Title > Collection Book window and Achievements window, as long as you are of high enough level and had done your Abyss quests.

Credits on the requirement for ‘A Lone wolf’ title goes to Dragon Nest Blog | New Titles with Better Stats for Lv40 Patch! which also covered some very good titles that are also available in Dragon Nest SEA but might be under slightly different names.


Some news on my end


Shortforms/Terms used in Dragon Nest SEA


  1. Rain

    yo dude how did you unlock all level 31 achievement

    coz mines dont have the river ruins, dried marisa and many more achievement

    • Seluna

      You have to complete the first part of the Birth of the Abyss quest from Heraldry Scholar Stas, then start the second part so the achievements become available.

      • hiu

        but now the prob is i clear lvl 39 spread of abyss
        cant find birth of abyss

        • Seluna

          Try talking to NPC Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther. For some reason, the quest ‘Birth of the Abyss I’ starts from him now.

      • Jam

        same problem here, can’t unlock the level 31 achievement. i already finished all the quest from Heraldy Stas. >.<

        • Seluna

          Try getting the ‘Birth of the Abyss I’ quest from NPC Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther. It seems something was changed with the latest patch.

  2. rcee

    i cant find my birth of abyy II

    • Seluna

      Birth of Abyss II quest becomes available when your character reaches level 39, and talk to Heraldry Scholar Stas.

      • I have a problem, i can not unlock a lone wolf even im done with all of the quest for level 39abyss ..hhuhu

  3. Gaizer

    i’m lvl41 right now and i’ve already unlock all the mission for lvl31 & lvl39 abyss, i already get the lone wolf title, but i don’t get the champion title., is this a bug?

  4. rudy

    i can’t get the title champion! how come! i have completed all the quests..

    • Seluna

      I think it’s because the Birth of the Abyss’ quest-chain now starts with NPC Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther. Try talking to him first?

  5. Thanks for the info, I was having a hard time in unlocking Birth Of Abyss I.

    • Seluna

      No problem! ^^ I didn’t know that there were changes to that quest too, so it’s a good thing I read that on the Cherry Credits forum.

  6. jhemzkie

    I can not unlock a lone wolf even ive them with all abys quest for level 39..huhuh kindly helfp

    • Seluna

      Check through each of the dungeons under ‘Lv.39 Abyss Dungeon’ and see if all the ‘Clear Abyss alone’ achievements have been completed.

  7. xMACx

    help guyz cant finish birth of the abbys 1 my problem is i cant get (DEFORMED CRUSHY CRYSTAL [0/1] from HERMALTE PORT(DARK MINE ACCESS) – COLLAPSED MINES….

    • Seluna

      For the Crushy crystal, you should turn RIGHT instead of left at the fork inside Collapsed Mines. There are two paths in the dungeon, don’t go to the one where you fight Dark Haze.


    Another helpful guide. . .Well done!! =]

  9. Joshikun

    I cant get the Flawed Ogre Jewel in the fortress of the dark overlord why is that? i tried abandoning it once and tried it again it doesn’t work please help me out here thanks

    • Seluna

      Try doing Dark Overlord Tower in Abyss mode for this. I think there’s a text bug with the quest.

  10. sKrOn

    Question ? how come my Lv.31 Abyss Dungeon had only 5 Dungeons ? there should be 10 right ? please help :'( im done of all the quests ( Heraldry ) Horror and Spread the Abyss 1-2 ..

    • Seluna

      Try talking to the Adventurer’s Guild Master Gunther NPC in Saint Haven, he should have the level 31 Abyss quest for you.

      • sKrOn

        im Working on it nOw , Birth of Abyss 1 , i got 4 Gems already , the last Gem should be at Collapse Mines , but i haven’t got it there, where it should be ?

        • Seluna

          Take the RIGHT path at the crossroad instead of the left path in Collapsed Mines.

  11. raymund

    i can’t complete the insane title. i finished forest of death many times. please help

    • Seluna

      Have you completed the first part of your Abyss related quest that Heraldry Scholar Bailey gives?

    • raymund

      i have completed birth of the abyss 1 and 2

    • raymund

      still, i cannot complete it

      • Seluna

        You have to clear Forest of Death without dying in Abyss mode. If you still cannot complete the title, can you give me a link to a screenshot of your achievement window?

  12. errol

    i cant get the lvl 15 abyss dungeon achievements
    abyss-forest of death
    abyss-sleepers temple
    abyss-raiders ambush point

    • Seluna

      I’m guessing that your “Hide Quest Marker” box at the quest window is ticked, so the Abyss quest at Heraldry Scholar Bailey got hidden. Try unticking?

  13. errol

    even at lvl 50 you can still get speed terminator?

  14. paul

    sir wat if im lvl 45 and i do that quest not already i can do it again?like m

    • Seluna

      I can’t understand, what quest are you talking about?

  15. londhel

    Hey i cant see the Quest Spread of Abyss I,II at gunther how could i open it T_T i’ve been working for it 1 week ady for this title :/

    • I think some side quests poofed when 450.mark was introduced @_@

      • Seluna

        I read on forums that if the “Hide Quest Marker” is ticked, lower level side quests will be automatically hidden. Try unticking the box first?

  16. Mark Jaysok

    Why i dont have a Spread Of Abbys ? i cant get the Champion Tittle >.<

    • Seluna

      Same as the suggestion I give below, check your Quest window and see if the box for “Hide Quest Marker” is ticked. Try unticking it and talk to the NPC again.

  17. someDNPlayer

    sir i have already made 100% completion in one army sergeant
    but i still did not get the title =(
    what am i missing?

  18. paul

    ok iv been on DN sea all day an most of the nite getting title i dnt seame to be able to get champion an lone wolf is there away for me to unlock the rest of level 31 abyss an level 39 abyss achievements ? please help im really stuck an everything i have search says different things

    • paul


      • Seluna

        I think I should add a section at the top of my guides with this advice?

      • paul

        when i was trying to get a lone wolf and champion found it hard to find the quests to unlock the abyss missons all i need now is SDN achivement an ill have deject and ultimate good guide tho i use it all the time

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