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Dragon Nest SEA, new Hybrid FTG system

As expected, there’s a lot of debate and rage about the newly introduced FTG system. I’m taking a break now after a few hours of dungeon runs, and I gotta say I’m pretty taken by the FTG system.

It could be because I’m a) not a level 40, b) not a farmer, c) not a trader, but just a casual player who likes the story and the gameplay.

Would you believe that I have done no less than 5 dungeons, and my FTG consumption is 117?

If it were the old ABP system, I would be at 0 ABP and not enjoying any EXP boost at all. I was consuming only double-digit amounts of FTG. By my estimate, it would take me a whole day to exhaust all of my FTG. I’m not sure if it applies for solo though.

I cannot confirm, but it seems this small amount of FTG consumption thing may continue all the way to level 39, according to this Beginner’s Energy popup.

I feel bad for the level 40 players because Dragon Nest SEA really hasn’t treated them very well at times, but for those of us who are level 39 and below, this Hybrid FTG system is much better than the ABP system, especially with the increased 40% drop rate.

And I remember from a guide that I read, that for the other servers with FTG implemented, they have other things such as Dark Lair and the 300 & 500 goblins thing at Theme Park that they can do which gives EXP without consuming any FTG.

I am so pumped to try the new Dark Lair ‘Hatred Pirandello’ that’s was just recently introduced! I get to fight (and get pwned badly by) Geraint! <3 …Oops, I got sidetracked.

As for the level 40 players, it seems the Master and Apprentice system can help them not consume FTG? I’m not too sure about how that works exactly, but it sounds like they aren’t completely shafted.

Now I’m more psyched than before to get to level 40 and challenge Manticore Nest (your PRP cousin is no threat to me for a long time already, muahaha)!


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  1. Avian

    I don’t agree Mr. Addison Kang. Yeah sure a helping hand will benefit a lot of players but there are also lots of ways to to that and FTG System isn’t the most effective one. I don’t want an annoying apprentice sharing my loots and wait for them to get online just for this purpose. In the end its all about the green. What a shame.

    • Seluna

      First, I’m not Addison Kang and he didn’t comment here… so I’m not sure who you’re directing this comment to. o_o;

      Second, I’m guessing you are a level 40 player? I mentioned that the FTG system is probably not good for those with level 40 characters. Why I write the post is to show that the Hybrid FTG is not a bad thing for those level 39 and below. At first, I thought it would be, because just from what we hear about FTG, it seemed like it will be used very quickly. But it is not the case for those of us who haven’t hit level cap.

      So the FTG system is of some good. I agree it’s not good for the level 40, and I really hope they find a way to make it better for the level 40. I don’t know what introducing the Hybrid FTG has got to do with earning money, but won’t it be better if new players get some help from experienced players?

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