Today, I found out from this topic in the Dragon Nest SEA forums, that changing resolution of your Dragon Nest SEA game client was able to fix the infamous Trading House Lag.

Courtesy of the forumers atemu1234 and Scarel01, here are the resolutions that work (windowed mode is recommended) :

1280 x 720 (wide), 1360 x 768 (wide) and 1600 x 900 (wide)

To change your resolution, press the Esc key on your keyboard, select ‘System Setting‘, under the ‘Graphics‘ tab, click on the drop down button for the row saying Resolution and select the resolution of your choice.

Changing resolution or the window/fullscreen mode will always cause a bit of a freeze to your game client while it adjust, so don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal.

I have tested the first two resolutions since my screen can’t support anything higher than 1440 x 900, and the instant transition into the Trading House almost made me weep (probably also because I could have done without a whole month’s worth of frustration). Now 1360 x 768 is the resolution I’m going to stick to.

What exactly causes the Trading House Lag that’s been plaguing us since the Dark Lair patch? I’m guessing (or was it recalling something I read?) is caused by the game attempting to resize the Trading House’s UI from its original size to fit the resolution that is being used. Weird how it can cause such a long wait, but now that there’s a quick fix solution, it’s all good now~