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MouseHunt Onyx Mallet and ACRONYM cheatsheet

My sister has the awesomely named ACRONYM trap so I was wondering how to get it. I was so glad to find out that I could start collecting ingredients for the ACRONYM trap, namely the Onyx Stone, in the Dojo where I was hunting. Then I realize how complicated the process is for getting an Onyx Stone. And that there’s another trap that needs it, the Onyx Mallet.

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 1)

With the Saint Haven update in Dragon Nest SEA, some new titles have also been unlocked. They give pretty good stats but requires collecting several titles, such as Leadership of Society (that I’ve just acquired <3) which requires titles from completing several Master and Abyss Dungeon runs with 4 people in party.

Here is how you can get them.

MouseHunt Ambush Trap cheatsheet

MouseHunt Ambush TrapI’m at the stage in MouseHunt where I am collecting materials to make Ambush Trap through the guidance of the walkthrough on MouseHunt Wiki (because I would still be in Town of Digby otherwise).

It seems I’m not very good at piecing information together because I needed my sister to explain how exactly do I go about crafting the Ambush Trap. Oh boy, this is one complicated process (at least to me).

Typing Chinese in DOMO

I’m using Windows XP and playing the taiwan DOMO server. I’m not sure if this will work with other online games and Windows version though. I’m not a computer or IT expert, so if you don’t trust me or yourself, don’t attempt this. Search for better options.

In any case, I managed to input Chinese words into the game, which I’ve been wanting to do and sacrificed a few hours of sleep to find out how. I have a feeling that many many people already know how to do this but I didn’t, and now I want to share how.

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