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Typing Chinese in DOMO

I’m using Windows XP and playing the taiwan DOMO server. I’m not sure if this will work with other online games and Windows version though. I’m not a computer or IT expert, so if you don’t trust me or yourself, don’t attempt this. Search for better options.

In any case, I managed to input Chinese words into the game, which I’ve been wanting to do and sacrificed a few hours of sleep to find out how. I have a feeling that many many people already know how to do this but I didn’t, and now I want to share how.

If you can’t read some or all of the Chinese characters and see a lot of question marks (for example, on the three buttons for the patcher program), try this (please note, I’m basing this on Windows XP):

1) Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
2) Under ‘Languages’ tab > ‘Supplemental language support’, check to Install files for East Asian languages if it is not selected.
** You may need your Windows XP CD. Installing these files will allow you to use Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in your computer.
3) Under ‘Advanced’ tab, ‘Language for non-Unicode programs’, select ‘Chinese (Taiwan)

If you don’t know how to input Chinese words using Windows at all, I think you should read this first.

The wonderful tool that helped me input Chinese into DOMO when nothing else would is this : Google Pinyin IME. It may be possible to input the words without using this, but I don’t know how to.

I found out about this after googling about inputting chinese words in online game, and this came as an answer to a question similar to mine, but for Mo Xiang Online instead. Apparently, there’s some dispute about this tool and Sogou’s IME, but for me, as long as it will still be available, it’s all good.

Here’s a page describing how Google Pinyin IME works.
Here is another one, from a user’s POV.

So what I did to write Chinese words in DOMO, taiwan server, was I installed this, then tweaked the Regional and Language Options a little more.

1) Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
2) Under ‘Languages’ tab > ‘Text services and input languages’, click on the ‘Details…’ button. It’ll pop up a window.
3) Don’t do anything to the Default input language.
** It is easy to switch this without knowing, so try to remember what it was and switch it back. Usually it is English (United States) – US. Even just setting it to UK English will make typing things in confusing, because US and UK keyboard/input switches their ” and @ keys.
4) Look under ‘Installed services’, click the ‘Add…’ button. Now here’s the odd thing. Under ‘Input language’, select Chinese (PRC). For ‘Keyboard layout/IME’, if you have installed Google Pinyin IME, add it.

Now, try to see if you can input Chinese words in Notepad or any text editor that can support it. To know which language your program is currently using, look at the right side of your taskbar, just to the left of the notification icons, there’s a little button. EN is English, CH is Chinese. You can Alt + Shift to change language, or you can click on the little button it to change.

That’s not all yet, if you want to type Chinese words in the game itself. There’s something else you need to do if you’re playing the Taiwan server like me. You’ll need to go to Google IME’s setting/properties and select traditional input. Otherwise many of the words will end up as “?”.

Hope it works for people other than myself. ^^ Again, I’m not an expert, I’m just sharing what works for me. If there are alternatives to this, especially easier ones, feel free to share them too.



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  1. sphoorthi

    Nin Hao,
    Thanks for the help. but my problem is I Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
    2) Under ‘Languages’ tab > ‘Text services and input languages’, click on the ‘Details…’ button. It’ll pop up a window. But by default in my window xp only English US is there and I am unable to install Eastern Language.As it is asking foe Windows XP Cd to be installed which I don’t have.
    Though I have download GOOGLE PINYIN INSTALLER.

    hope you give some help
    with regards

  2. Seluna

    For that window, when you press the ‘Add…’ button, under ‘Input language:’ does it show a list of languages or just ‘English (United States)’? If there’s a list, you can scroll up to find ‘Chinese (PRC. If there’s none… well, I’m not very sure how to help you with that.

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