I’m at the stage in MouseHunt where I am collecting materials to make Ambush Trap through the guidance of the walkthrough on MouseHunt Wiki (because I would still be in Town of Digby otherwise).

It seems I’m not very good at piecing information together because I needed my sister to explain how exactly do I go about crafting the Ambush Trap. Oh boy, this is one complicated process (at least to me).

Thus the cheatsheet is born. I simply cannot remember so many details and does not like to click through a whole group of links in order to find out which part can be gotten from which mouse which requires which cheese.

Click here to check out the MouseHunt Ambush Trap cheatsheet @ Google docs.

I also found a Mousehunt fansite, more specifically this page, with some useful advice :
The Mouse Hunt Guide – Trap Recipe – Ambush Trap