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FFBE: War of the Visions (JP) upgrade systems quick reference

*Update on 1 Aug 2020:
I have actually stopped playing FFBE: WOTV a while back, before the Global version was released. I do not intend to edit the guide for the Global version nor update it to include newer things, but I think I’ll at least get the images up fully within the next few weeks.

This post is a quick reference mostly for myself because I struggle to remember where to get the different types of materials.

Names of the materials are kinda directly translated, I don’t know what their actual English names are or what other guides/wikis are using.

If you’re looking for an English guide, there’s this one:
FFBE WOTV Beginner Guide

*deep breath* Alright, here goes.

Tip for “Rule Abiding Title” in DN SEA

Rule Abiding Title via DN SEA forum

Just sharing a link first before I misplace it again. It’s a valuable tip for all title hunters. 😀

Notes to self about Playstation 3 backup restore

So my precious first generation 60GB backward-compatible Playstation 3 got its second YLOD (Yellow Light of Doom) a few days ago and it looks like it’s dying for good. It gave us the YLOD  for the first time around less than a month ago, and we managed to revive it using this solder reflow method but it is only a temporary fix. Everything I read on the net says that even if a PS3 that has YLOD has been fixed with the better fix of solder reballing, it’s still just on life support and the second YLOD just confirmed it.

So I’m now looking for a new PS3 to replace the dying/dead one, and also searching for the best methods to get my game data and save files from the old one to the new one (especially the save data, since I don’t have Playstation Plus). There’s a few things I noticed when researching, and this blog post is actually my notes to self to see things more clearly and list the things I should do or note later.

Of course, if this posts helps more people than just me, it’s a pleasant bonus.

* Note, I don’t have those rental videos and copy-righted video downloads so there’s a lot lesser things I need to pay attention to. If you have those, read the articles/posts/guides I linked to and take note. Best to google and get your own confirmation.

Collection Title Event?! OMG!

I was wondering why my web traffic spiked by a few hundreds recently, then I saw today that there’s a new event for Dragon Nest SEA and it requires unlocking Collection Titles!

Dragon Nest SEA – [Event] Title Delights!

Firstly, I haven’t update the Masterlist since the update. >_<; I’m sorry about that, especially to those who are looking for information for the Ultimate and Biological titles. Work and my personal life has kept me way too busy. I hereby promise, I’ll post about the new Collection Titles in these few days. 🙂

Secondly, I noticed one of the updates in the October patch makes things much easier for Collection Title hunters:

All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.

This essentially means that it is no longer necessary to complete the Secret of the Abyss, Birth of the Abyss quests! This is good news! It also means I need to update the title collection guides. ;_;

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 4) ”Detective”

A new Collection Title! Title Collection Book has a new look! A dedicated section in Achievements windows! So much love for us title collectors this patch! <3 Needless to say this is my favorite part of the Kali patch. <3

(… okay, one of my few favorite parts. There are other things I like too, like the updates to Guardian Force…. But that’s not the focus now!)

Firstly, the new title!

Just a quick status update and a bit about missing quests

It’s really late now but I’m waiting for my poor HTC Flyer’s battery to get a bit more power in it before I go to bed, so I decided to clear some of the comments backlog while I wait. USB charging is slow, and my poor netbook is probably gonna have to remain on for the whole night.

I noticed a few comments after the big patch on 15 Jan saying that the Abyss related quests disappeared, so I did a bit of googling and checked the forums. Turns out, the quests didn’t disappear. They were hidden. The option at Quest window saying  “Hide Quest Marker” now hides the quest starting option for the lower level quests as well, instead of just the marker in mini-map.

So people who cannot find your Spread of the Abyss or other Abyss quests, you know what to do now.

PS. Staring at the battery meter saying 0% is scary. It’s 3% now, woohoo! But I still don’t dare to switch to using outlet charger yet. 🙁

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 3), Lv 50 Patch

Some time in the past, if my fuzzy memory is correct, I promised to do a guide for any new Collection Titles in Dragon Nest SEA, especially for that particular one requiring hidden achievement. Now that they have arrived with the Level 50 patch, it’s time for me to do just that.

Sorry for the long delay, the past month has been a very busy one for me.

For quick reference, the Masterlist is good. This guide is to make it easier to search the titles because the Masterlist has issues with browser’s find function. I have also added more little tips and observations into this guide, hope they will be of more help.

Regarding the ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guides’

Because some of the new collection titles in the latest patch got slotted between the old ones, I faced some problems with the naming of my previous collection titles guides and the upcoming new guide as I was using the page number to identify them.

So I decided to rename all the existing guides under one name ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide‘, and let each one be a part of the ‘ongoing’ guide. A DN SEA, Masterlist of Collection Titles has also been created so that people who just need a quick reference for certain titles can refer to that instead of the detailed guides. It’s neater, for one thing. 😀

Hope this isn’t too confusing. It’s actually easier now for me to name future addition to the Collection Titles guide. Yay~

PS. I’m working on the ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 3), Lv 50 Patch’ right now. I actually have already added the new titles and their most basic info to the Masterlist, but I have yet to flesh them out more so some requirements are clearer. You guys can go ahead and take a look. =)

DN SEA, Masterlist of Collection Titles

This post is a quick reference for all the collection titles of current Dragon Nest SEA. Click the links below for detailed guides :

*NOTE* New Collection Titles up to page 28 has been added!! 🙂

Shortforms/Terms used in Dragon Nest SEA

A long time ago, I received a request to make a post about the abbreviations used in the Dragon Nest SEA server because those new to the server can get quite confused. Heck, I remember being confused too because of the amount of terms used.

I am certain I didn’t write down all of them, so I’ll probably update this list over time.

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’

It’s been a while, but I found something to update about with the new ‘Guild War’ patch. Hidden within this patch, there’s a new Collection Title! And it’s even better than the previous ones!

Without further yattering, here are the details of the title and how to get it (according to the ingame Achievement window). A word of warning though, I have obtained some titles, but I have yet to test and verify the conditions of all of the requirements. So feedback will be most welcomed. =D

  • Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.
  • Removing Abyss Dungeons achievement quest requirements due to an update in the 8th October 2013 game patch:

    “All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.”

  • Collection Title name updated, dungeon levels updated.

Disassembling your way to glory

Disassembling your way to glory

Found this gem of a guide by theorgil in the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest SEA forums. It is detailed guide on how and what to disassemble, what you can get from it and what you can do with the stuff you get.

It is definitely worth a read.

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