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DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 1)

With the Saint Haven update in Dragon Nest SEA, some new titles have also been unlocked. They give pretty good stats but requires collecting several titles, such as Leadership of Society (that I’ve just acquired <3) which requires titles from completing several Master and Abyss Dungeon runs with 4 people in party.

Here is how you can get them.

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  • Table of Content added for quicker navigation. Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.
  • Removing Abyss Dungeons achievement quest requirements due to an update in the 8th October 2013 game patch:

    “All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.”

  • Updated the Title Collection name changes and dungeon levels.
  • Some minor updates to reflect the changes in the game, such as dungeon level requirement for Forsaken Islet and the page number of ‘Speed Terminator’ title.
  • If you are looking for information for the title ‘One-Man Army Sergeant‘ which is on page 6 of the Collection Book, I wrote a separate post for it because this post is getting kinda of long. Here’s the link, enjoy!

    DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’

Quick Note
To find your Collection Titles (this is my way of referring to them), open your Character window, click on Title to open the Titles window, then click on the Collection Book tab.

Dragon Nest SEA - Title Collection Book

To find out how exactly you can go about getting titles, open your Achievement window and browse through the tabs and individual groups. There are some hidden missions/titles (such as Cloth Tracker) that you cannot find under your Achievement until you have already gotten the title.

There are known continuity issues regarding the names in Dragon Nest SEA but I will try to rename according to the names of the Dungeons

Now, on to the Collection Titles.


Urban Hipster

Under page 1 ‘Rookie Titles’

Description: You will get this title easily as long as you are a beginner. Though easy, it would be of great help for newbies.

I’m not the type of person you think I am!
Attk Power +18 ~ +18
Magic Attk +18 ~ +18
Max HP +250
Max MP +150

This title was available before Saint Haven patch, and it requires the titles from completing missions of the dungeons with entrances located in the Shadow Forest and Wind Forest maps.

Apprentice – Complete all the Shadow Forest Trail (Outskirts) achievements.

Performer – Complete all the Ancient Temple Ruins achievements.

Thorough – Complete all the Catacombs achievements.

Controlling – Lv.5~6 Catacombs – Hidden Mission. You have to die in Catacombs dungeon.

Quick – Complete all the Shadow Forest Core achievements.

Lightning Swallower – Complete all the Ancient Temple Excavation Site achievements.

Cloth Tracker – Hidden Mission. You have to acquire an item ‘Ragged Loincloth’, dropped by any goblin in a dungeon (getting it via trade wouldn’t quite work, I tried). This also unlocks your friendship with the Heraldry Scholar Bailey in Calderock Village.


Almost Won the Lotto

Under page 2 ‘What’s a Common Title?’

Description: Have you tried out the Gestures? Have you tried strengthening items? Title is something that can be obtained easily!

Attk Power +25 ~ +25
Magic Attk +25 ~ +25
Max HP +500
Max MP +300

This is definitely a title available before Saint Haven, I’ve seen it around. Saying that this title is easily obtained gives me mixed feelings though, because of one of the titles it requires. However, it is a good title, and if you have the means, you can get it at a low level.

Lucky – Successfully enhance a Lv. 7 item.

Nerves of steel – Successfully enhance a Lv. 9 item.

Minus’s hand – According to the Achievement in-game, it’s ‘Fail to disassemble an item’. However, I got it from failing item enhancement repeatedly.

Scrooge – Acquire 1000 gold. (THIS, this is the difficult one if you’re a totally new player who is not a hardcore trader. Can be made easier by passing gold around among friends though.)

Edgy – Fill all equipment and weapon slots with items over Lv. 7



Under page 3 ‘Quest Title for Anyone’

Description: Try different types of missions gradually, you might discover stronger titles during this process……

Attk Power +25 ~ +25
Magic Attk +25 ~ +25
Max HP +500
Max MP +300

This is a new title from Saint Haven patch. It has the exact same stats as ‘Almost Won the Lotto’ but can only be gotten after you go to Saint Haven, because minimum level requirement of the quests that give these titles.

Immortal Lv. 1 – Get this from the Lv. 8 quest given by Blacksmith in Mana Ridge/Prairie Town.

Immortal Lv. 2 – After getting Immortal Lv. 1, get this from the Lv. 11 quest given by Blacksmith Corin in Calderock Village.

Brawler Lv. 1 – Get this from the Lv. 17 quest given by Master Warrior Chandler in Calderock Village.

Fiend Lv. 1 – Get this from the Lv. 21 quest given by Master Sorceress Tiana in Calderock Village.

Immortal Lv. 3 – After getting Immortal Lv. 2, get this from the Lv. 29 quest given by Blacksmith Berlin in Saint Haven.

Man who saved Calderock – Complete the main story quest chain in Calderock Village, up until before you can take the Airship to Saint Haven.

Argenta’s Slave – Complete the quest ‘Argenta’s Slave’ in order to get this title, but it’s not as simple as it sounds because it’s the last quest of a long chain of solo quest where you try to meet Argenta’s demands and it often leads you to run into the highly annoying Adventurer David.

Leadership of Society

Under page 4 ‘Party of Four Title Bible’

Description: As long as 4 heroes move together, any title is a piece of cake, go and get a 4-person party title!

Title? It’s simply the society’s way of trying to cater to people.
STR +20
AGI +20
INT +18
VIT +15
Attk Power +30 ~ +30
Magic Attk +30 ~ +30

This is a new title from Saint Haven patch, with very good stats. The main condition for getting this title is to conquer dungeons in a party of four, mostly in Abyss mode.

Abyss Dungeon achievements (refer to the picture, where the red box is) must be unlocked in order to obtain some of the titles, and I have listed them with the [Abyss] prefix.

Dragon Nest SEA Achievement window

*NOTE* You will have to complete the quest chain of ‘Secrets of Abyss’, also known as ‘Into the Abyss’ given by Heraldry Scholar Bailey in Calderock Village to unlock achievements for some Abyss Dungeons such as Raiders’ Ambush Point.

At Lv. 23, complete the ‘Horror of the Abyss I’ quest to unlock achievements for more Abyss Dungeons, then continue onto the 2nd part of the quest to unlock the rest.

To make it simple, if you check your Achievements > Dungeons, and the specific Abyss Dungeons don’t show up on the left side, find Bailey and see what Abyss quests you have not accepted/completed.

*NOTE* From 8th October 2013 onwards, to unlock Abyss Dungeon achievements, simply go to the map connected to the entrance portal of the dungeon. For example, go to “Lower Ridge” to unlock the achievements for “Prayer’s Resting Place”. Since we have to head for the dungeon to complete the achievements in the first place, this requires no extra effort.

Harpy Hunter – [Abyss] Sigh Canyon – Clear with none of the four dying.

Gargoyle Master – [Abyss] Forest Sanctuary – Clear with none of the four dying.

Minotaur Threats – [Abyss] Sleeper’s Temple – Clear with none of the four dying.

Cowbell Carrier – [Abyss] Catacombs Hall – Clear the dungeon with four people. (I’m not sure if dying will affect getting this title. We got it without dying.)

Ogre Hunter – [Abyss] Road of No Return – Clear the dungeon with four people. (Same as above)

Reaper – [Abyss] Death Basin – Clear the dungeon with four people. (Same as above)

Manticore Slaughterer – [Abyss] Prayers’ Resting Place – Clear the dungeon with four people. (Same as above)

Nobility – Road of No Return (lv 20~21) – Clear Master with none of the four dying.

Speed Terminator

Under page 7 ‘Speed play Techniques’

Description: Speed is the necessary condition for one to be a real master, search for the shiny fast play title now.

STR +20
AGI +20
INT +18
VIT +15
Attk Power +30 ~ +30
Magic Attk +30 ~ +30

This is a new title from Saint Haven patch, with exact same stats as ‘Leadership of Society’. The main requirement for getting this title is to clear the dungeons as fast as you can. However, unlike Leadership of Society, you have to complete some Saint Haven dungeons.

Abyss Dungeon achievements must be unlocked in order to obtain some of the titles, and I have listed them with the [Abyss] prefix.

*NOTE* Scroll UP and refer to the blue chunk of text above for more info on Abyss Dungeons.

Sprint Instinct – [Abyss] Raiders’ Ambush Point – Clear the dungeon within 20 min.

Endless – [Abyss] Church Ruins – Clear the dungeon within 20 min.

Berserker – [Abyss] Sanctuary Core – Clear the dungeon within 20 min.

Ambush Detector – Raiders’ Ambush Point (lv 14~15) – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty within 15 min.

Lightning Fast – Death Basin (lv 20~21) – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty within 20 min.

Magical – Dark Mine (lv 24~25) – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty within 15 min.

Hula Hooper – Abandoned Welton Hollow (lv 24~25) – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty within 15 min.

Rolling Master – Forsaken Islet (lv 26~27) – Clear the dungeon on Master difficulty within 15 min.

*Updated* For the title ‘One-Man Army Sergeant‘ on page 8 of the Collection Book, go to this post:
DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’



I made this guide thingy by referring to the content in-game and the links below. I was actually halfway through when I found the 4th link, which is another guide for Collection Titles for Dragon Nest SEA, but I decided to push on and complete this anyway.

At this moment, I only have achieved “Leadership of Society” but I’m at 90% for “Chit-Chatter” and “Speed Terminator“.

o1) Title Collection Book – Dragon Nest SEA Guide
o2) Achievement List – ggFTW Dragon Nest Wiki
o3) Titles – ggFTW Dragon Nest Wiki
o4) Title Collection Book Page 4 and 5 ~ Project Dragon Nest SEA


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    • Complete the Abyss quests (there are 2 of them) given by Heraldry Scholar Bailey in Calderock Village.

  5. xDieBesten

    nice thanks, but when I finished the argenta’s slave quest not in order, will i get the title? Coz i have done the quest, but I didnt get the title, just necklace(still in my inventory) and earring(I threw it away). Did I go wrong ?

    • Seluna

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘not in order’ because it is quite linear. If you still can’t get the title, check if you have completed every solo quest related to Adventurer David.

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      And you’re welcomed. ^^ I’m glad this helped.

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    • Seluna

      Check if you have completed the lvl 23 Abyss quest given by Bailey to unlock the achievements for lv 23 Abyss Dungeons, including Sanctuary Core.

  8. Triniset

    The “Rolling Master” for Forsaken Islet, how come I can’t do it at level 24?

    • Trixxx

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    • tommy

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    • Seluna

      Have you completed the level 15 quest about Abyss that Bailey gives?

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      You MUST complete the Abyss related quests that Heraldry Scholar Bailey gives to unlock the achievements.

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    • Seluna

      Have you done the Abyss related quests from Heraldry Scholar Bailey? They unlock the Abyss Dungeon achievements.

  14. skyz

    Hi there i cant seem to find the immortal lvl 1 quest from the start till now i am lvl 29 now

    • Seluna

      You have to check with the Blacksmith in Mana Ridge if you’re a Sorceress or Cleric, or the Blacksmith in Prairie Town if you’re a Warrior or Archer. This quest does not have any prerequisite so it should have turned up.

  15. Triniset

    HI again, is it possible to do the speed terminator quest with a char at level 32 from the very beginning?

    • Seluna

      To my knowledge, there’s no maximum level requirement, so yeah, it is possible. But you must have done the Abyss related quests to unlock the Abyss dungeon achievements first.

  16. NightKen

    kudos to your complete guide. 4th link was originally my work from DN SEA cherry credits forum. 🙂 hoping to see pages 6-11 from you from now on..

    • Seluna

      Your guide was actually my inspiration to make this guide. ^^ I hope to do the page 6 to 11 too when it is out. It’ll be quite challenging because I might have to do some serious levelling to get some of the titles, haha.

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    • Seluna

      Thank you very much! Hope it was helpful for you. ^^

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    • Seluna

      I’m sorry, I don’t know how or where to get that title.

  19. pilyo07

    I already played the abyss mission in sanctuary core not knowing that i should get the horror of the abyss mission from bailey first, i cant get the title Berserker.. what will i do? 🙁

    • Seluna

      Well, you can try doing the Abyss run again after you have finished the Bailey’s quests and unlocked the achievements.

  20. FeierabenD

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    • Seluna

      I am not 100% sure, but Speed Maniac title may be one of the Manticore Nest (Hell Mode) titles.

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    hey how come iam not getting the chit chatter title?
    in here i already got the immortal, immortal lvl 2 and immortal lvl 3
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    • Seluna

      Yeah, it matters. ‘Immortal’ title is different from ‘Immortal Lv. 1’ title. Immortal title is gotten from surviving a particular dungeon or nest without deaths, if I remember correctly. Immortal Lv. 1 title is the one you get from the Mana Ridge or Prairie Town blacksmith, depending on your class. But I read somewhere that some people might have a problem with getting it… more specifically some Sorceress and Cleric characters. Not sure why though. >.<;

  23. how to get the title for DN Academy President of Student Council ? any one knows this?

    • Seluna

      I don’t think this title is available in Dragon Nest SEA yet. I have not seen anyone talking about it at all.

  24. ryedo182

    tnx a lot..
    i got my speed termintor title.. ^^

    • Seluna

      You’re welcomed! That’s the purpose of the guide anyway. ^^

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    • Seluna

      There is a line of Argenta’s side-quests (also involving Adventurer David) at Calderock that you have to complete to get that title.

      Sorry for the late response. >_<; Hope you're successful in getting that title.

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    • Some Random Guy

      Get Ragged Loincloth from goblins.

      • 😛 no goblins are droping that 😛

        • Seluna

          Haha, I know that feeling. I have an archer whose inventory had like 3 slots of things for Bailey, and the Ragged Loincloth just won’t drop. But they do drop, so just run more dungeons that have goblins!

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    • Seluna

      I don’t think the quest requirements were changed, but if you managed to finish the whole side-quest, and any side quests from Adventurer David or Argenta, you should be able to get the title.

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