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DN Sea – Highlights of my DN-ing o1

I like to record down funny or memorable moments while gaming, and Dragon Nest has a great deal of such moments.

Oh, and an update on my progress towards One-Man Army Sergeant, I just got the Champion title! Now only getting to level 39 and the ‘A Lone wolf’ title left!

DN Sea – A glimpse at the Six Heroes

It’s a bit inaccurate because I only managed to get the screenshots of five. Barnac is sadly missing because I didn’t realize earlier that I can cancel the quest dialog and make them stand there and be my models, ohohoho.

If you are interested to see it for yourself in the game, Kayleen’s anti-aging serum quest (the quest name was fermentation something?) and Stella’s ‘Karacule is so awesome’ quests are the ones you should do.

PS. Ruins of Lost Time is such a pain in the ass to run.

Dragon Nest SEA – 3rd Job incoming?

A pretty big clue was just posted on the Dragon Nest SEA Facebook page approximately an hour ago, could it mean that the level 50 cap and the 3rd Jobs are coming sooner than expected?!


Ding Dong! The doorbell rings, interrupting the Hound’s party planning for a wee bit. He goes over to the door and takes a peek into the peephole.

He blinks once, twice. The peephole must be blurry because he can’t really see anyone clearly. He opens the door but suddenly, there’s no one there!

That’s weird. Could the Hound be seeing things?

Could the Hound be seeing things?

Why so crowded in Geraint’s Nest?

What a pleasant surprise!

I don’t know why they are there because they aren’t giving me quests, and they aren’t interacting…  but still, this makes me so ridiculously happy.

Wolf can’t walk straight (DN SEA)

Please Fix Wolf Mount He Doesnt Walk Straight

Just spotted in the Dragon Nest SEA forums, and proceeded to laugh my arse off.

I think the TS has some issues with the mounts not being able to side(crab?)-walk like us two-legged folks are able to. But with a forum topic title phrased like that though… xD

DN SEA – Avengers of Lagendia title event!

*Update: The event was extended due to popular demand, yay!

Source: Extended: The Avengers Of Lagendia Event

Today is the last day of a new event in Dragon Nest SEA which: a) does not involve the level 40 Nests, b) buying a lot of something in the Cash Shop, or c) running way too many dungeons for my liking. And what’s more it gives a pretty imba title (that lasts  for 14 days only, but it’s good enough) as reward too.

So of course I tried to participate! And ta-dah~!

Woohoo, got the Berserk title finally~ Now to solo…

Woohoo, got the Berserk title finally~ Now to solo the level 31 Abyss dungeons and level up to level 39!

Shortforms/Terms used in Dragon Nest SEA

A long time ago, I received a request to make a post about the abbreviations used in the Dragon Nest SEA server because those new to the server can get quite confused. Heck, I remember being confused too because of the amount of terms used.

I am certain I didn’t write down all of them, so I’ll probably update this list over time.

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’

It’s been a while, but I found something to update about with the new ‘Guild War’ patch. Hidden within this patch, there’s a new Collection Title! And it’s even better than the previous ones!

Without further yattering, here are the details of the title and how to get it (according to the ingame Achievement window). A word of warning though, I have obtained some titles, but I have yet to test and verify the conditions of all of the requirements. So feedback will be most welcomed. =D

  • Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.
  • Removing Abyss Dungeons achievement quest requirements due to an update in the 8th October 2013 game patch:

    “All Calderock Village and Saint Haven’s [Abyss] dungeon mission can now be unlocked by entering the world zone (for example: Gray Ruins). Players no longer need to obtain or complete quests from Heraldry Scholar NPCs to unlock the achievements.”

  • Collection Title name updated, dungeon levels updated.

Some news on my end

It’s been a while since I update this blog, so I’m here with some little news and updates.

1) On 19th May 2012, this blog had a whooping 11,000 views because of a certain title related event in Dragon Nest SEA that brought crazy amount of traffic to my Collection Titles guide. That was kinda crazy and unexpected, haha!

2) Cherry Credits recently upgrade their forum software (which’s a damn good thing because they had a rampant spam problem) so some of the links in my post to topics in their forum are broken. I have fixed those I spotted, but if you spot any, please let me know. Thank you~

3) I’m playing Diablo 3, like half of the gaming world. But I’m also crazy about fishing in Dragon Nest’s newly introduced farming system, although I don’t quite know how to profit from farming yet.

I think that’s about it.

Natural Disaster?!

“P.S: Getting owned by kobold is NOT a natural disaster.”

Some of my favorite moments in Dragon Nest is when its odd sense of humor popped up quietly and surprised me.

I have no idea how hard I laughed after reading this.
Oh Dragon Nest you.

Dragon Nest SEA, new Hybrid FTG system

As expected, there’s a lot of debate and rage about the newly introduced FTG system. I’m taking a break now after a few hours of dungeon runs, and I gotta say I’m pretty taken by the FTG system.

It could be because I’m a) not a level 40, b) not a farmer, c) not a trader, but just a casual player who likes the story and the gameplay.

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