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Shortforms/Terms used in Dragon Nest SEA

A long time ago, I received a request to make a post about the abbreviations used in the Dragon Nest SEA server because those new to the server can get quite confused. Heck, I remember being confused too because of the amount of terms used.

I am certain I didn’t write down all of them, so I’ll probably update this list over time.


  • TH – Trading House
  • LFP – Looking for Party
  • LFM – Looking for Member
  • RGM – Recruit Guild Member
  • S > – Selling
  • B > – Buying
  • BO – (not sure) Buy Out
  • Prem – Premium
  • Ulti – Ultimate Plate or Ultimate skills
  • FTG – Fatigue, cannot enter dungeon when you have none
  • DNP – DN Points, can be used for purchasing cash items in Cash Shop or ingame items via TH

Character Class

  • Acro – Acrobat
  • BM – Bow Master
  • FU – Force User
  • EL – Elemental Lord
  • SM – Sword Master
  • Merc – Mercenary
  • Loli – Academic


  • DOK – Dark Overload Keep
  • DOTC – Dark Overload Training Camp
  • FIC – Forsaken Islet Core
  • Ghost Town – Ghost Town in Isolated Forest


  • Mino – Minotaur, mostly for referring to lv 24 Minotaur Nest or related
  • Cerb – Cerberus, referring to the lv 32 Cerberus Nest or related
  • Manti – Apocalypse, referring to the Lv 40 Manticore Nest or related
  • Apoc – Apocalypse, referring to the Lv 40 Apocalypse Nest or related


  • Ticket – Nest Ticket, exactly which item varies for the Nest
  • Jelly – Item Protection Jelly, used for prevent item from getting destroy when enhancing at Blacksmith
  • R.Agate/(other Jewels) – Rough Agate/(other Jewels)
  • Oct Water – Octogonal Water, used for crafting higher jewels



DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 2) ‘One-Man Army Sergeant’


Changes coming up, maybe


  1. rebuke

    i’m interested to know what is OL thanks 🙂

  2. nigga

    BO = Best Offer

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