Late with this because I was sick, and was not very motivated to do much other than sleep and rest. I’ll try to write what I remember, which is surprisingly quite a lot.

This episode has more explanations, but as usual it brings about more mysteries. This episode also has quite a bit of BL fanservice (unless it’s the subber who deliberately twist it that way, but I doubt it) so the inner fangirl in me is happy.

Remember the blue vs pink confrontation back in episode 1? Well, we get to see how it ends here so Scepter-4’s leader Munakata Reishi and Homura’s Mikoto Suoh has more screen time this round. There’s some explanations about Mikoto’s powers and its connection to the Sword of Damocles, which apparently had fallen in the past and caused a crater somewhere.

In fact, both of the groups’ members have more screen time this episode. Kusanagi freaking out over Yata and another Homura member damaging his bar counter is hilarious. Fushimi from Scepter-4 seems to have a secret and certain stalker-ish tendencies?

Kuroh is the ‘instructor of the day’ while Yashiro is the ‘student’ who provided the questions that we the audience also wants to know. What are Kings? And what are clans? How is it they are basically beyond authority?

It seems Kuroh has not given up trying to kill Yashiro, so the latter has to convince him. Kuroh’s obsession with his previous master, Miwa Ichigen the Seventh King, also known as the Colorless King, is so unexpected and funny. And so are the bits featuring the cleaning robots. I want one of those!

So far so good. The plot is now firmly centered around Yashiro being in deep trouble due to a mysterious guy who looks really like him having killed a well-liked member of Homura. I personally wish to see more of the blue and pink, but I’m a big fan of Kuroh too. Can’t wait to see what the next episode will be about.

Oh oh, there’s a K Project wiki now! There’s so much information there!