I’m typing this as I rewatch this episode during the marathon now.

This episode is set in Yashiro’s school, but focuses on Scepter-4 and Homura getting inside the school to find Yashiro. Interestingly, it shows how differently they work. The focus is almost totally on Yata and Fushimi though, and it seems that the person Fushimi was looking for is Yata because of his reaction to seeing Yata, lol.

Yata, interestingly, is shy towards girls. And protective of them. Probably girls around his age or lower, since he seems fine with Anna.

Fushimi is… kinda really twisted. There was not much hints of him being this way until he started taunting Yata, totally looking for a fight. They are on first name basis, which makes sense since Fushimi was in Homura, though Yata really dislike him calling his name. I don’t blame Yata, Fushimi’s way of calling him can make anyone lose his temper.

The fighting scene is awesome, the animation is really top-notch. Both have very interesting fighting styles and Fushimi has a card(?) up his sleeve. There’s a lot of pink flames, courtesy of Yata, haha. Awashima stops the fight, which is sad for us but probably a good thing for the school because Yata is probably charging up a powerful attack.

From Awashima’s interaction, we learn that Yata is also known as Yatagarasu, and Awashima has a nickname of Tundra Girl’, which she says is only used by certain bartender. Lol.

Later, after this we learn something surprising about Yashiro from both the Homura duo and Scepter-4’s group.

The plot is really getting interesting.