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K anime, 4th Episode Impression

Argh, late again because of mood issues. I managed to watch the Live simulcast and another repeat and the marathon today, oh yeaaaah~

This episode’s focus is on Kuroh and Yashiro’s plot progression, with more indepth look into the school life background that Yashiro has. And just a wee bit on Scepter-4 and Homura that pulls them towards the Yashiro’s plotline.

K anime, 3rd Episode Impression

Late with this because I was sick, and was not very motivated to do much other than sleep and rest. I’ll try to write what I remember, which is surprisingly quite a lot.

This episode has more explanations, but as usual it brings about more mysteries. This episode also has quite a bit of BL fanservice (unless it’s the subber who deliberately twist it that way, but I doubt it) so the inner fangirl in me is happy.

K anime, 2nd Episode Impression

Managed to catch the simulcast! Rushed home for it but still missed the first 5 minutes, so I woke up approx. 5 hours later to watch the repeat at 6.30am.

I will be keeping my little review spoiler-free, so I won’t be revealing much plot, just my impressions.

Episode 1, first impression of K

I haven’t been this hyped over an anime for a long while. There should be no surprise that this anime ‘K’ that I’m crazy about has a whole bunch of bishounens and voiced by several A-List seiyuus (Ono Daisuke, Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokaze Sugita, etc).

I missed the Live simulcast with Japan on Animax Asia but there are a lot of repeat telecast and I caught the 6.30am one just now. I have no doubts I will be trying to watch the same episode again a few times. 

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