Argh, late again because of mood issues. I managed to watch the Live simulcast and another repeat and the marathon today, oh yeaaaah~

This episode’s focus is on Kuroh and Yashiro’s plot progression, with more indepth look into the school life background that Yashiro has. And just a wee bit on Scepter-4 and Homura that pulls them towards the Yashiro’s plotline.

I’m telling you, this anime is filled with weird people. Even Yashiro’s schoolmates are kinda weird. I don’t remember if I said it before, but that female classmate of Yashiro who did the intro in Episode 1, Kukuri, is kinda ditzy. But in comparison to her… well, there’s a dude who did a very public confession to Kukuri and got very publicly rejected, and proceeded to set off a bunch of fireworks.

Yashiro needs to prove that he is not the murderer, so he needs to find an alibi. It should not have been difficult as the school festival preparations were taking place that night so he ran us through the events of that night and met the people that he remember seeing. He did find something that’s a likely alibi, but it won’t be nice if this is the end of it, so there’s something that proves it’s equally possible he’s the one.

There were some gags involved, like Kuroh’s attachment to that recorder with his late master Miwa Ichigen’s quotes, the funny cleaning bots, and Yata’s occasional not very smart moments, and those account for some of the funny moments. There’s more showcasing of Kuroh, Yashiro and Neko’s personalities and interactions, and plot progression as well, but the lack of Scepter-4 and Homura makes me sad.

Hope there’s more of those two groups in the next episode. :3