#RIPAmanda – Amanda Todd

Posting again, because this is an issue that really touches me.

I cannot help but think… if I was a less cautious person… if I was careless for just a few minutes… had the internet been as deeply-connected in people’s life when I was in Secondary School… could something stupid and small that I do turn out to be the worse nightmare ever?

My heart broke for this beautiful girl who got what she didn’t deserve. She made mistakes, but who doesn’t? Her mistakes were never allowed to be forgotten. Can you imagine that, not being able to get away from it after so long? I would have taken my life a lot earlier than her, I am not that strong.

Stop bullying. It’s in human’s nature to be amused or pleasure (yes, I used this word intentionally) by bad things happening to others, but we have hearts and emotions and feelings. We have a working brain that should know what’s right and what’s wrong. We know what hurts us. We have the power to stop, think, feel before we act. We have the power to tell people to stop.

Nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves to have their life ruined because of a mistake, or how different(UNIQUE) they are.

And news flash, nobody is immune from bullying. I can do it to you and make your life utter hell, just for my amusement. I am capable of that, and you will be surprised what a wonderful tool the Internet is for destruction. It is not difficult at all, all I need is some personal information of your that I can easily get.

I choose not to.

Share this, sign this, so we can tell people to choose not to.