Managed to catch the simulcast! Rushed home for it but still missed the first 5 minutes, so I woke up approx. 5 hours later to watch the repeat at 6.30am.

I will be keeping my little review spoiler-free, so I won’t be revealing much plot, just my impressions.

The actual OP starts featuring in this episode it seems, and it’s pretty awesome. This episode has a lot more on Isana Yashiro and Yatogami Kuroh, and some of Homura, namely Yata (skateboard youth), Kusanagi (blond bartender) and Anna (lolita). Sadly Mikoto Suoh and Scepter-4 are not around. T_T But it’s okay! Yata contributed the pink flames! xD

Isana is quite a quick-witted kid, and Yatogami seems somewhat gullible, lol. So the episode has a lot of Yatogami chasing Isana, the poor dude. He’s not the only one, because Homura put a wanted poster up for Isana, including a bounty. Anna is shown using some kind of dowsing abilities making use of red marbles. Kusanagi seems to be the one managing the group somewhat, and Yata is not a very obedient person.

The cute kitten turns into the cute pink-haired girl, and doesn’t like to wear clothes. She also has some powers, I think it is to create and control illusion, but I’m not sure. There’s also a bit of Isana chasing her (no name was spoken ingame but according to official website it’s Neko). Yatogami’s suitcase has some very interesting content, haha. Also revealed, Yatogami’s master is the Seventh King and I forgot the name already. o.o

So far there’s more character interaction and a bit of plot advancement. It’s more of a ‘getting to know Isana and Yatogami’ episode, and also to introduce Neko. The last 15 to 10 minutes is absolutely hilarious. And I’m getting more and more fond of the tech they have in this anime. How cool is literally animated wallpaper and doors, and polite cleaning bots?

Next episode is named ‘Kitchen’ so it maybe has something to do Yatogami’s cooking skills, or Isana’s lack of it. *laughs*