I have been wanting to re-organize my blog so that things are more well-categorized and tagged, as well as selectively displayed.  I want to make it possible for people who wants only to read my game related posts, or things going on in my life, or cosplay related stuff (I do intend to post about them, blogging is a good way to remember stuff, actually) to be able to do so easily.

And maybe a change to the layout too, though I love this layout a lot a lot, because it’s not built to be responsive, it is starting to feel restrictive to me. If I want the post format portion of the theme to work, I have to sit down and stare at the codes for a while to fine-tune stuff and I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to do that.

As it is, I am being held back from posting random stuff by some odd logic in my head. If I reorganize, maybe I’ll have more incentive to post. Hopefully.