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Twilight, love it hate it.

First, this is just my opinion. Second, I haven’t read the story and I probably won’t for a long time, mostly from being too busy, partly from all the stuff I’ve heard about it and its fans.

Frankly, all the drama and actions that reached my ears about the fans and anti-fans of Twilight freaks the hell out of me. All the crazy things that they supposedly did really turns me off from reading the book and makes me want to stay far far away from its fanbase and anti-fanbase.

Yes, the anti-fans too. Even though I don’t hold a high opinion regarding the story and its character, and probably privately ranted about the bits of stuff I heard (like how it has way too many similar things to Night World, which has been a long time favorite of mine), but some of the things that the anti-fans do is just way past merely disliking the story and its hype. Like in a video where anti-fans burned two copy of the books and still had another copy (and also made Stephanie Meyers richer too).

Why go to the extent of wasting time, effort and money on something you dislike? Dislike and hatred are negative and destructive emotions, they don’t bring or build anything. Isn’t it easier to push it out of your mind or brush it aside to concentrate on more constructive things like maybe finding a better book to read instead of dwelling on a story that you don’t like? And deliberately provoking the fans with harsh words aren’t exactly a nice thing to do. It doesn’t make one better than the things or people being bashed about, in fact, it has the opposite effect.

As for the fans doing crazy things… well it’s almost a given that fans will do crazy things, if they love something that much. I just wish that they don’t really go and hurt others who dislike what they love, because liking and loving things are personal opinons that will probably never be shared by all. There will always be people who don’t share the same opinion, just like I don’t like cheesecake and some people love it. Those who do irrational things because of their love of Twilight, it’s unlikely that they will think about this but they are actually doing things that hurts the reputation of the story further, when it’s (in my opinion) already quite bad. I don’t think the author really wants the fans to be attacking others just because those others don’t like her writing.

In the end, it’s just one story, one fiction among billions and billions of stories ever written. And yet it’s probably one of the most controversial ‘teenage’ fiction that I know of so far, especially with how it generates so much stories on the crazy things it fans and anti-fans do. This is such a crazy world.


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  1. Taylee

    This is so true and very insightful. I’ve stumbled upon your blog randomly but I think I’m going to continue reading. You write wonderfully. πŸ™‚

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