Dragon Age 2 writer responds to complaint about BioWare neglecting ‘straight male’ demographic | Joystiq

I have not touched a Dragon Age games before (I’m not sure if the new Dragon Age Legends on Facebook count?) but this caught my attention nonetheless, being a female gamer who is rather empathetic to homosexuality and all.

From what I can understand, there is this gamer who complained on the Bioware forums that Dragon Age 2 is neglecting the Straight Male Gamers (his words, not mine) who are probably the majority of the fanbase by letting another male homosexual character in the game make a pass on the playable male character and not including more pleasing female romance options for the playable male character. The lead writer of the game, David Gaider, wrote a really nice piece in response that the game is not catering to just a selected group, but for everyone. And proceeded to lecture that guy for expecting too much just because he’s in the majority. Way to go!

I think that sometimes, gamers in the minority because of our gender or sexual orientation, have gotten so used to the games (especially for game consoles) that are made to please the majority group that when a game like Dragon Age 2 comes along and goes ‘hey, we know you ladies and guys of different partner choices play this kind of games too’ and gives us options that are closer to our own identity and preference, it’s really touching.

I am actually more interested in the game now, just to find out what sort of game Dragon Age is like.

If you want to read what David Gaider wrote, minus the Straight Male Gamer’s rant, you can visit this other link:

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