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The lady who sells chocolate

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and sister for the upcoming Chinese New Year and somehow, we went to the newly launched Orchard Central shopping mall. Originally we went there in search for Fruit Paradise, a shop selling fruit tarts  which has an outlet in Tampines One that we frequent. The plan was to find it, eat a slice of fruit tart or two, before we continue with our shopping.

Then, we spotted a shop, called Jewels artisan chocolate (facebook).

Extension of Nandemoya’s Clearance Sale

Source (their website) : 1 Dec 08 – Extension of Clearance Sale

To be honest, I was lucky that there’s this extension or I’ll be at lost as to how to collect my Silver Diamond manga. And I didn’t know there was an extension until I visited their website on whim again.

In any case, the clearance sales is extended till 14th December. That’s five days left. There’s still quite a lot of manga when I went there a few days ago and hauled home (more like my bf helped with with the physically hauling part) a box full of manga containing a full set of Claymore, the set of chinese version Celestial Zone 1 which would have been whole if the last book was around (interestingly, I have the last book since years ago), various other manga that I wouldn’t have gotten if they weren’t on discount. Lol.

Nandemoya’s Comic Shop is closing!

Source (their website) : 25 Nov 08 – Ending of Rental Services & Clearance Sale

This is sad news, but at least they are not totally gone, so I can still get Silver Diamond and Loveless from somewhere.

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