Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and sister for the upcoming Chinese New Year and somehow, we went to the newly launched Orchard Central shopping mall. Originally we went there in search for Fruit Paradise, a shop selling fruit tarts  which has an outlet in Tampines One that we frequent. The plan was to find it, eat a slice of fruit tart or two, before we continue with our shopping.

Then, we spotted a shop, called Jewels artisan chocolate (facebook).

Because of the approaching Valentine’s Day, we were paying some extra attention to chocolate shops so we drifted towards the menu to take a look. A lady employee came up to the three of us and introduced about the high tea set they were having, but we declined, saying that we would like to take a look at the chocolate they have on display.

Instead of just leaving us or standing at one side and watch, she introduced the chocolate types they have and told us we can take a look at chocolate being made in the kitchen which can be viewed through a pane of glass. That lead to us wanting to try out the chocolate because they look very tempting, so we went for the high tea set with a piece each of two other flavours. She even advised us that because we are sharing the chocolate, we can cut it into smaller pieces, and also suggested the suitable tea as well.

The chocolate tastes lovely, although there are some favors I can’t quite bring myself to like. I wouldn’t mind going back again for another high tea, despite the high price tag (well, it IS at Orchard Central). We also checked out the CNY set and Valentine’s Day set, which she also patiently explained what they contain, what you can do with them, and how to store them. They even have a card on how to store the chocolate for optimum quality.

In the end, we end up buying 2 CNY sets to be collected at a later date and a box of Nama Choco to be collected later that day since we were going to continue shopping. Hours later, she called to remind us that we have not collected the chocolate yet, which was yet another thoughtful little gesture.

That was one of the best customer service I had ever experienced in Singapore. The lady left us with nothing but good impression of her and the shop. We weren’t intending to buy a piece of chocolate initially, just wanting to take a look, but we ended up trying out the high tea set, and buying other sets for later. And we fully intended to revisit the shop again in the future if we only have the excuse to, such is the effect of good customer service.

The importance and benefits of good customer service is not to be neglected, really. Even just a smile makes a great difference sometimes.

PS. The Nama Choco is very good, and when we tried it that night, only one piece was left in a short period of time. It’s $15 per box, a little on the expensive side, but one of the richest, nicest chocolate I have ever had. The packaging is so nice, really like a box from jewellery shops, and I’m going to keep and use it.