Source (their website) : 1 Dec 08 – Extension of Clearance Sale

To be honest, I was lucky that there’s this extension or I’ll be at lost as to how to collect my Silver Diamond manga. And I didn’t know there was an extension until I visited their website on whim again.

In any case, the clearance sales is extended till 14th December. That’s five days left. There’s still quite a lot of manga when I went there a few days ago and hauled home (more like my bf helped with with the physically hauling part) a box full of manga containing a full set of Claymore, the set of chinese version Celestial Zone 1 which would have been whole if the last book was around (interestingly, I have the last book since years ago), various other manga that I wouldn’t have gotten if they weren’t on discount. Lol.

1 Dec 08 – Extension of Clearance Sale

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Thank you for the support last week!! Due to the vast number of comics we have, we still have quite a number of comics up for grabs! Sale has been extended to 14 Dec. If you havent go a chance to come by or you haven’t grab enough comics to satisfy your needs, do drop by our shop front during these 2 weeks!!