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Changes to the Collection Titles due to Dragon Nest R


Out of curiosity, I checked out the Dragon Nest R patch in Dragon Nest SEA which increased the level cap to lv 90. And I immediately realized that with such a huge overhaul, there are going to be so much changes to Collection Titles.

I am actually pretty glad that I stopped updating the guides, because I would have to undo so much of my previous work that I may actually roll into a ball and weep.

Too Long; Don’t Read version :  Due to MASSIVE Nest and Dungeon changes, some missions and title collections have been removed. Some title collections that remain have been drastically changed. So, my Collection Title Masterlist and Guides are going to be VERY inaccurate starting from this patch onwards.

If you want to know more, here’s the important bits from the patch details if you’re a title collector or mission completionist.

The level 50 patch for Dragon Nest SEA has just been live, and my random checking through showed me a treasure trove! Dragon Nest SEA now has SIX new titles, and some are way better than the old ones! Oh wee! Time to work on a new guide~!

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