Out of curiosity, I checked out the Dragon Nest R patch in Dragon Nest SEA which increased the level cap to lv 90. And I immediately realized that with such a huge overhaul, there are going to be so much changes to Collection Titles.

I am actually pretty glad that I stopped updating the guides, because I would have to undo so much of my previous work that I may actually roll into a ball and weep.

Too Long; Don’t Read version :  Due to MASSIVE Nest and Dungeon changes, some missions and title collections have been removed. Some title collections that remain have been drastically changed. So, my Collection Title Masterlist and Guides are going to be VERY inaccurate starting from this patch onwards.

If you want to know more, here’s the important bits from the patch details if you’re a title collector or mission completionist.


Nest Maintenance

Existing Nests will go into a long maintenance to be returned in future with changes.

The following nests will be closed down for renewal:

Cerberus Nest / Apocalypse Nest / Gigantes Nest / Typhoon Kim Nest / Professor K Nest /
Guardian Nest / Mist Nest / Volcano Nest / Anu Arendel’s Ordeal Nest / Sea Dragon Nest /
Green Dragon Nest / Desert Dragon Nest / Black Dragon Nest / Dragon Fellowship

Nest-Related Info Removal

  • With the removal of some nests, related information such as missions, guide missions, help guide, collection titles will be changed or removed.
  • Missions that have already been achieved will not be removed.

There’s also this bit about the dungeons.

Dungeons Have Been Simplified

In the past, the users were confused about choosing which difficulty level to play. In order to help users level up more smoothly, the following changes will be made.

  1. You can choose from Normal / Master / Abyss difficulty levels.
  2. Hard and Chaos difficulty levels will be removed for all levels.
  3. You can enter Abyss difficulty only in Anu Arendel’s [Fire Mountain Entrance] and [Lava River Entrance] and the dungeons in [Forest of Little Shadow Entrance].
  • You can get Epic items just by hunting the dungeon’s monsters in the Abyss of [Fire Mountain], [Lava River] and [Forest of Little Shadow].
  • In short:
    • Choose Normal difficulty for an easy comfortable game!
    • Choose Master difficulty for a more challenging game with more EXP!
    • Choose Abyss difficulty if you are max level and want better equipment!

Changes In Dungeon-Related Missions

Dungeon-related missions in [Mission(L)]-[Dungeon(Normal)] tab have been changed.

Following the changes in dungeon entrance difficulty levels, new dungeon missions have been added.

Previous normal missions that had no rewards have been reorganized into easy missions with [Title] rewards.

Missions that were not achieved yet can no longer be achieved after the change.

Changes In Title

With changes in missions, the list in [Title Collection Book] has been changed to remove the titles that can no longer be attained.

Collections that contain titles that cannot be attained have been removed.

For [Title Collections] that contain titles that can be attained even after mission reorganization, the required titles have been changed to those that can be attained.

dragonnestr-improvements-missions-title__title Image taken from the Dragon Nest R patch site

So….. I went ingame (I actually had to install it fresh, ha) and checked it out. Oh boy, it’s so different. There’s a new UI that resembles the old one so it’s not exactly a fresh new look, and I can’t say I like it or dislike but I couldn’t quite get used to it. Garden of Time and Space looks very empty to my poor under-leveled character.

And the Collection Book… well, it’s a very revised simplified version now. The title collections that are my favorites, that ones that I needed to spend more time and effort trying to get, those are gone. 🙁 Which also means my guides are going to be super inaccurate now. T_T

Oh well, it’s not like I have any intention to update them. 😛

The new patch is not all bad though. I really like the cooking system renewal. It seems less tedious and more relevant now. I actually was kinda looking forward to that, back when I was still playing.

I would have loved to see Merca’s Heart, the new town that is actually another ‘town-ish’ area much like Anu Arendel… but like previously mentioned, my character level is too low.

Interestingly, I dropped by just in time to see the steampunk cash costume set that a lot of people wanted, and the Argenta cash costume set. To commemorate my visit, I bought the steampunk staff for my Sorceress. Nice and shiny.

With that, my brief adventure back into Dragon Nest SEA ended. I doubt I’ll pop back in again for a long long time. Adieu~