I posted a lengthy thread on Twitter about taking an indefinite hiatus from it and here I’ll just combine the whole thing together instead of reading separate tweets.

I’m taking a indefinite hiatus from Twitter (with 1 exception, posting when my Twitch stream goes live and stream schedules). The reason is a bit complicated so I’m threading.

I re-started using Twitter mainly for posting about my streaming, reading it like my own personal newspaper and retweeting interesting stuff. I love my Twitter feed dearly, it’s filled with all sorts of stuff I want to read about, learn more about. But I think I’m addicted.

It’s actually oddly similar to when I couldn’t get off Facebook and took a hiatus (which kinda is still ongoing). I cannot stop scrolling through the feed to feed (heh) my brain’s constant need to see new things, look at new art, more cute stuff to go aww at. I can’t stop.

I’ve tried limiting my Twitter usage but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m very good at ignoring the soft barriers I set for myself. So I’m going with a hard barrier this time. I’m not going to keep Twitter logged in, and I’m uninstalling Twitter apps from my phone.

What about if I want to share about my thoughts or my day on Twitter? The thing is… I notice I haven’t been doing that. I’m no longer comfortable freely sharing thoughts on Twitter. I reflexively examines potential tweets to see if they are safe and future-proof.

I silence myself, because I have an overly-cautious nature and low tolerance for drama. Because I have perceived that Twitter is a dangerous place with too many who are quick with the noose in their hands. I don’t want to give anyone fodder to hurt me.

So I seldom post about myself, except in relation to my streams. Somehow, my Twitch channel and the discord server I created for it has become safer places for me to share than on my Twitter page. And also, I created an account on http://Mastodon.Social.

There, I will fill it with small thoughts and big thoughts. Positive things. Negative things. Rants, vents, musing, ideas. It’ll go there. Things I’m not sure I’ll share to public, I’ll lock as Followers-only. It doesn’t matter if any of that reaches anyone or not.

If a post (a Toot, they call it) makes a connection, great. If not, that’s great too, because the lack of any expectation actually frees me. So if somehow, somebody here wants to Follow me there, that’s great, but I don’t expect to be actively connecting with you.

Somehow, I have become more introverted and selective in my interaction with people online as well. And even if this is contrary to what I should be doing as a streamer, this is what’s most comfortable for me, so this is what I’m going to do.

TL:DR; I’m taking my introverted overly-cautious bum out of Twitter and over to http://Mastodon.Social  (same username) to murmur my thoughts at my little corner, whether anyone can hear me or not. Twitch stream posts continue as usual. See ya when I see ya.