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Reminder to self, don’t update the Sparkling theme to latest version (again) yet because somewhere between 1.7.7 to 1.8.1, a change in the backend caused the child theme’s previous Theme Option settings to not be used. Instead, the parent theme’s settings is being used.

The only way to fix is to downgrade the theme back to a version where the child theme settings are still used, note down what those settings are, then upgrade the parent theme, then implement those settings again. Urgh, so troublesome.

Source, although it’s for a different theme by the same theme developer, it describes the exact same problem so I’m guessing the mentioned framework is being used for Sparkling as well.

Shizu.Yue, new name, new start

Although I am a little late with this announcement…. With a brand new look and lots of changes, Apathetic Moon is now making a return as Shizu.Yue!
♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪

I have secretly been working on this new version of the site for a while, on and off. Using Sparkling theme as base for the appearance, I customized it to retain the old color scheme that I am still extremely fond of and also to keep a sense of familiarity, but I also added 2 new color schemes for Gaming type posts and Project type posts.

For easier navigation, some content had their categories and tags changed, and the permalink structure of the posts are also different now, so I hope it won’t cause any inconvenience.

There are still a few more minor things that I wish to add or do to the site, but they can be implemented directly, so I decided to add them in the future.

In any case, welcome to Shizu.Yue. 🙂

Return of the Captcha

Captcha is back after my brief test for two days and the results is an average of 40 spams per day. I had Akismet and a honeypot type anti-spam, but alas, a few dozen spams still managed to slip through. So, sorry for the ugly, but it seems I need a Captcha.

Using Post Format for this blog

I’ve got the coding part of implementing Post Format into the theme done, so it’s more or less the design part now. Instead of having a huge If Else chunk in the middle of many templates, I decided to use the method introduced in Even Smarter Post Formats.

I made a lot of changes to Color Paper, so many that I wonder how I’m going to revert some of those changes for if I want to release. For my website, I didn’t want to have the Post Format icons change color along with the style switcher, although I managed to make it work.

Some new stuff added

Most of the additions have to do with comments. The most prominent is the CAPTCHA, because I have a rather rampant spam problem. Another is that comments posted will not need approval before they show up and visitors’ comments can be edited within a certain period of time.

Another thing, which is kind of really odd bug.

New userstyles uploaded

I have been wanting to upload these new userstyles that I made recently and I finally did it today. You can find a complete list of my userstyles at my Projects page, but here are the two new ones.

Prettifying: part one point oh one

YAAAY!! Apathetic Moon looks much much more like its old self now! I realized what went wrong after hours of digging into the Twenty Ten and Color Paper templates, and it’s my own stupidity that screwed up the whole theme. T_T On the bright side, there are a few small improvements. ^^ Not very visible, but they are there. 😀

Of course, a lot of customizations are not back yet, but not Miku clock is back. O(≧∇≦)O She is one of the first widgets to be added, because that’s how wonderful she is.

Prettifying my blog, part one.

Using Leather theme as a temporary theme, I don’t like some parts of it. I hope I can get Color Paper to work again, I’m insanely in love with that theme like nobody’s business. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and make it a Twenty Ten child theme, post format friendly so I can make my miniblog/microblog/tumblelog. That idea’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now anyway.

My experiment with the Lifestream plugin is not very satisfactory so far. I think I’ll tackle that one much later.

Oh well, iTheme it is

After a round of searching and trying out the themes that I find to my taste, I still end up with iTheme. -_-; Oh well, I am alright with it for now. But I’ll definitely make my own theme when AM goes officially live. So many things I want to do, but not enough time or the concentration to do them all, haha.

The gallery plugin thing was nifty but gave me some problems. Gonna have to see about adding pictures in a more simpler way.

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