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Now powered by WordPress 3.5

I’ve been reading about it for a while, and finally got to updating the sites. It’s a major update to the media uploading section, and it’s promising to be so much better. So far nothing seems broken, but I will continue keeping an eye out.

What’s interesting, is the Jetpack update. Publicize seems to be the post to social network thing on and I was looking for something similar some time ago (and still wasn’t very happy with the one I found). Gonna try it out later when I have the time.

Post by email, well that one is interesting. I haven’t been able to get my WordPress for Android app working with my multisite installation so I couldn’t blog on the go. Will be exploring this too.

Jetpack just seems to get better and better, especially now that I don’t have to de-spam the comments so often.

Loving the WP Post Formats Admin UI

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

Just started using this plugin although I knew of it for months, and I want to kick myself in the head for being that lazy. The plugin makes it so that posting using different post formats is so much more intuitive. And the appearance is so simple and clean. Very awesome.

New additions to the site

I made a post some time ago saying that I was considering making a Projects page? Well, I finally went and did it today (even though I’m supposed to be doing an assignment). It doesn’t have much at the moment, but it does help me keep track of what I have put up on the Internet.

Other than that, I have also added/changed a few things to the site.

See ‘Related Posts’

I have added a ‘Related Posts’ section to show under the post entries so it’s easier to navigate (aka. get lost) through the contents of this blog. There are several WordPress plugins offering this function, but I am trying out this one called “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin“. It’s working great so far, though I’m still tweaking its options.

On a sidenote, I’m testing out WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 on a test site and probably won’t be upgrading the blog up until I know how not to mess up when getting the multi-site network thing to work.

Tangofy Icon Set: Rainbow Mix

I used the Silk WordPress admin menu icon set with Tangofy plugin because I didn’t like the monochromatic icons, but I didn’t particularly like the whole of that or any of the other sets. So yesterday when I was playing with the custom taxonomy thing for Drache’s test site, I got side-tracked and modified the admin icons into a set that I like. This is the result, Rainbox Mix.

No more NaNoWriMo!

Until next year that is. This year I wrote 11k+ words, so I didn’t win. I did realize how I should approach my NaNo next year, so it’s not totally bad. And I’m still going to work on my piece still, so yup, it’s all good.

However, it also leaves me with a lot of chores that I should do but haven’t done for the sake of concentrating (and failing to, at times) on writing. So the goal for this month is getting them all done. Or at least the more urgent and important ones. Yup.

I’m modifying a word count plugin right now so that I can keep track of how much words I continue to churn out of my writings, but it is being pissy and not cooperative. >.< If it does work, then I may release it or something, it may become useful for other people. =)

WordPress 2.7

Slated to be released on 10th November 2008, this is the must-upgrade version for me, since this one is going to have left-hand navigation, personalize-able admin pages, sticky posts and new options for the plugin feature. It’s basically going to be THE WordPress I’m looking forward to.

How I know? From this review.

I’m actually contemplating combining Apathetic Moon and LunaDream (and if possible, Drache too) so that they run from one single WordPress installation and be able to customize them individually. In short, what some calls ‘multiblog’. But to do it by WordPress MU sounds like using Thor’s hammer for a tiny nail, and possibility quite restrictive, so I’m checking out some of the hacks/plugins for this.

Nerdaphernalia and WP-Hive are looking pretty good right now.

If I’m going to do this, then I’ll probably have to do it by the end of October, way before 2.7 is out, because NaNoWriMo will have started by then and I want to devote my attention to writing that instead of worrying about this.

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