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Reference for reinstalling a clean WP site

Because of the pesky Webarh infection, I’m reinstalling/restarting my sites with the old content but fresh installs + cleanup. I was hoping to be able to take the opportunity to get multisite working but… no such luck. In any case, this is just a list to remind myself of what I did and have to remember to do to get the bare basics of my old sites up before tackling things like plugins and themes and what not.

WordPress 3.0! Launched!

I was fiddling with the latest Release Candidate installation when I saw a pretty yellow box appear at the top of my page. Imagine my surprise!

From WordPress Blog : WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

It isn’t much to say that I have been waiting for months for this release. But it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

WordPress 2.7

Slated to be released on 10th November 2008, this is the must-upgrade version for me, since this one is going to have left-hand navigation, personalize-able admin pages, sticky posts and new options for the plugin feature. It’s basically going to be THE WordPress I’m looking forward to.

How I know? From this review.

I’m actually contemplating combining Apathetic Moon and LunaDream (and if possible, Drache too) so that they run from one single WordPress installation and be able to customize them individually. In short, what some calls ‘multiblog’. But to do it by WordPress MU sounds like using Thor’s hammer for a tiny nail, and possibility quite restrictive, so I’m checking out some of the hacks/plugins for this.

Nerdaphernalia and WP-Hive are looking pretty good right now.

If I’m going to do this, then I’ll probably have to do it by the end of October, way before 2.7 is out, because NaNoWriMo will have started by then and I want to devote my attention to writing that instead of worrying about this.

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