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I have not forgotten this blog!

But things have been quite busy for me, and I was being sick or not feeling well a lot, so didn’t really have time to make posts.

I know I have yet to update the DN collection title guides with the newest collection title that is for PVP, but with the new UI for the Title Collection Book, it’s so much easier to check the title requirements ingame. That’s why I have decided that I will wait until there are a few more new title collections before updating.

Instead, I’ll try to post more. Like other guides, game reviews… stuff. Keyword of the day: try.

Some updates

Aside from finally posting the slightly more detailed guide for the collection titles introduced in the Dragon Nest level 50 patch, I also made some changes to the blog’s design itself. Check out the four new buttons at the top right of the blog!

While I’m still sort of busy with other stuff (SDN raids being one of them), I am thinking of posting more often to my blog. Maybe some reviews of those programs and apps that I find very useful? And book and manga reviews? Although my recent reads are chinese novels and my manga collection is in Chinese, haha.

In any case, I hope to share more of my thoughts instead of hiding them, be they in bite-size bits or the walls of text I’m quite good at.

Oh, NaNoWriMo is approaching in a month’s time! I’m taking part this year, hope I can finally become a winner!

Gonna be busy for this week, because I’m required to work one extra day this week and on my only off-day, I’m cosplaying during TGX. My whole week is going to be dedicated preparing for the cosplay, so no DN for me for a while. 🙁

That also means the detailed guide for the new titles won’t be out soon. 🙁 🙁

Just realized that I more or less forgot about thi…

Just realized that I more or less forgot about this blog. Again. Even though I updated it to the nice sleek WP 3.2 with the updated admin UI. -_-; I’m gonna have to do something about that.

Been busy for the past few days getting my new desktop all set up. It’s an Acer Predator G3600 and while I know it’s not top-notch, it’s such a step up from my old desktop that it doesn’t matter at all. Everything is so much faster and because it’s a Windows 7 computer, it’s also a lot prettier with lots of nice animations. I’m definitely in love with this new baby.

Tomorrow I’ll move the files I need/want to use in, then I’ll have to go concentrate on my assignment(s). Wish me luck~!! >_<;

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