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Dancing Queens by Martini

Saw this video when I went to watch a movie at one of the Cathay Theatre recently, and something about it really touched me deeply. I’m not even sure what exactly about it keeps making me tear up, but I don’t think I’ll be able to forget this video for a long time.

The departure of three great men


First, the man who became the face of Star Trek’s Spock for decades, Leonard Nimoy. Then, Sir Terry Pratchett who created a whole fantasy Discworld for fans of all ages. And last, the founding father of a tiny nation that bloomed impossibly in just 50 years, Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away today.

These past 30 days have not been good to us. We lost three brilliant men who each made history in their different areas of influence. And two of such influence featured greatly in my own life.

I came into contact with Sir Terry Pratchett’s books at a low point of my life. His sharp wit and unique brand of humor pulled me out of the darkness I let myself fell into then, and continued to cheer me up immensely since. So much so that I indulged in a bit of retail therapy and bought as much of the Discworld series that I can find, and sank my mind into the whimsical fantasy world that Sir Terry Pratchett constructed. In a sense, he saved my sanity for a while there. May his writing live on forever in his place, and bring cheer to generations more.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew is the first Prime Minister of Singapore, and together with his ministers then, were responsible for transforming what was just a small island colony into a 1st world country. And that miracle of a nation, Singapore, is my home. It is Mr Lee’s vision and more than 50 years of his life that made us into the safe and secure country that is beautiful and prosperous today. And today, we lost this giant of a man.

It is a small consolation that all three of them have lived full long lives, and they have more than earned their rest. May they be in a better place, reunited with the loved ones who have gone on ahead of them. Rest in peace.

So it was a Sunbird nest, not a Hummingbird

Some while back I posted photos taken at the front area of my house showing a bird’s nest. Apparently it was a sunbird’s nest, not hummingbird’s. And it’s very likely the Olive-Backed Sunbird, which is pretty common in urban areas of Singapore.

Link reference: Olive-backed Sunbird (Nectarina jugularis)

The sad news is, the female bird died of unknown reason and was found hanging from its nest. πŸ™ My family took it down and buried it, and the nest was left abandoned and later, on the ground. We suspected that the neighbourhood cat that occasionally came to the front area of our house to take a nap or shelter itself from rain might have something to do with the poor bird’s death, but we don’t actually know what happened.

Here’s a photo of the bird and the nest a few days before it was discovered dead.

On a brighter note of things, another sunbird seems to have taken a liking to that spot and was starting to build its nest. Though after a few days of no-show, it might have found a better spot. Well, good luck little birdie~

Beware of scammers

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time. No, this has nothing to do with internet security. These are real-life scammers who make use of people’s worries and ignorance to cheat them of their hard-earned money.

This is very real, and can happen to you and anyone around you. Especially if you are living in Malaysia or Singapore.

The lady who sells chocolate

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and sister for the upcoming Chinese New Year and somehow, we went to the newly launched Orchard Central shopping mall. Originally we went there in search for Fruit Paradise, a shop selling fruit tartsΒ  which has an outlet in Tampines One that we frequent. The plan was to find it, eat a slice of fruit tart or two, before we continue with our shopping.

Then, we spotted a shop, called Jewels artisan chocolate (facebook).

SG Youth Olympics 2010

I saw a notice on UniSIM about being volunteer for this and I’m wondering if I should join. Especially since I’m not working now. And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to help out in such a big event.

It probably will affect my job seeking for this year and while I’m not in a hurry to start working again, my school fees won’t exactly pay for themselves. Decisions decisions. Hmm.

Engrish in Singapore

For the people who don’t know, Engrish simply means butchering of the English language, usually caused by bad translation. There’s a website dedicated to showcasing many examples of that, and I often laugh myself silly when I visit that site.

Today however, I was just checking out some of the interesting, whacky articles in the Playpark website when I spotted this. And it’s way too funny for me to just leave alone.

Extension of Nandemoya’s Clearance Sale

Source (their website) : 1 Dec 08 – Extension of Clearance Sale

To be honest, I was lucky that there’s this extension or I’ll be at lost as to how to collect my Silver Diamond manga. And I didn’t know there was an extension until I visited their website on whim again.

In any case, the clearance sales is extended till 14th December. That’s five days left. There’s still quite a lot of manga when I went there a few days ago and hauled home (more like my bf helped with with the physically hauling part) a box full of manga containing a full set of Claymore, the set of chinese version Celestial Zone 1 which would have been whole if the last book was around (interestingly, I have the last book since years ago), various other manga that I wouldn’t have gotten if they weren’t on discount. Lol.

Nandemoya’s Comic Shop is closing!

Source (their website) : 25 Nov 08 – Ending of Rental Services & Clearance Sale

This is sad news, but at least they are not totally gone, so I can still get Silver Diamond and Loveless from somewhere.

60 signs you’ve been in Singapore too long

Credits to whoever came up this (definitely not me), I found it in the old Backyard of the Playpark forums v.1 which is now known as Asiasoft Forums.

60 signs you’ve been in Singapore too long, especially if you come from a
Western country :

1. You know that “cXX” means something completely different from what you originally thought.

2. You’ve lost your sense of irony, sarcasm, and cynicism.

3. You don’t know what’s lame and what isn’t anymore.

4. You think there’s nothing wrong with putting chili sauce on everything you eat.

5. You wait for instructions from people in authority before doing anything. Always.

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