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Miss Kiri’s Neko Atsume posts

When I was searching for the installation and play guides previously, I came across Miss Kiri’s guide (it’s in Traditional Chinese) and was impressed by the interesting way the information was presented and the animated gifs showcasing the cats. Although ultimately I chose another guide, I never forgot Miss Kiri’s post.

How can I forget when there’s a cute cat like this?!

Some days ago, I chanced upon her site again, and decided to share her posts to English fans. She included a lot a lot of screenshots and images so it’s actually pretty easy to make sense of.



· 綺麗小姐具有 貓咪收集(ねこあつめ) 標籤的全部文章


Disassembling your way to glory

Disassembling your way to glory

Found this gem of a guide by theorgil in the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest SEA forums. It is detailed guide on how and what to disassemble, what you can get from it and what you can do with the stuff you get.

It is definitely worth a read.

Tabs all around!

For programs, I mean. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. If you are like me whose desktop has dozens of file explorer windows, MSN messenger windows and text files cluttering your desktop and making it difficult and tedious to find things, this post is for you. These are tab related add-ons and programs that will help to cut down the clutter and allow you to work from just one interface.

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