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Game Developer 1, Homophobic Gamer 0.

Dragon Age 2 writer responds to complaint about BioWare neglecting ‘straight male’ demographic | Joystiq

I have not touched a Dragon Age games before (I’m not sure if the new Dragon Age Legends on Facebook count?) but this caught my attention nonetheless, being a female gamer who is rather empathetic to homosexuality and all.

Just finished a Tales of Vesperia (PS3) session with the sisters, and we were pushing on inside the Telescopic Graveyard. ToV has some of the brightest and darkest battlefields, leading to a lot of “where the hell am I” moments.

Rita’s Fireball is serious overpowered when it’s maxed, considering it has 12 hits and the lowest TP cost of all the spells. I’m already going on a ‘when in doubt, Fireball’ logic in battle. Though her other spells are really nice too. Like the Stone Blast + Ivy Rush combination. And Meteor Storm. Never forget Meteor Storm. <3

FF XIII (Jap) on 17th December 09!

In this Kotaku article, the official release date for the Japanese version has been confirmed on 17th December. The price is also confirmed and after converting to SGD and add in import fee… ouch, it’s expensive. But it’s expected. The English version will be next year though, so we are in a bit of a dilemma. To get the Jap version early and struggle with the language, or wait and pray the voice actors are good. Probably the Jap version.

Can’t wait to see this new trailer that was mentioned! For more on the FF XII Premiere Party, check it out in Kotaku.


Source: Metal Gear Solid hits LBP for the Holidays- 12/23!

If you’re still confused, what I’m talking about is the Metal Gear Solid 4 Content Pack that’s coming to Little Big Planet. I won’t be around for the release but I’m thinking if I should get it after I come back from the trip, especially since I have lesser time for LBP now as my sisters’ and my gaming lists recently just increased by a few games each. Yes I know I shouldn’t be blogging about it now since I’m still supposed to be packing and writing a Secret Santa piece, but I’m very excited after seeing this video:

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