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NaNoWriMo 2012

Erm yeah. I’m taking part this year so except for the weekly K impression posts, I probably won’t be writing many blog posts. Unless there’s something for Dragon Nest SEA that I really want to blog about.

I’ll still reply to comments. =D

Some updates

Aside from finally posting the slightly more detailed guide for the collection titles introduced in the Dragon Nest level 50 patch, I also made some changes to the blog’s design itself. Check out the four new buttons at the top right of the blog!

While I’m still sort of busy with other stuff (SDN raids being one of them), I am thinking of posting more often to my blog. Maybe some reviews of those programs and apps that I find very useful? And book and manga reviews? Although my recent reads are chinese novels and my manga collection is in Chinese, haha.

In any case, I hope to share more of my thoughts instead of hiding them, be they in bite-size bits or the walls of text I’m quite good at.

Oh, NaNoWriMo is approaching in a month’s time! I’m taking part this year, hope I can finally become a winner!

NaNoWriMo 2010!

Yup, I’m participating! For good or for bad, haha. It has officially started where I lived, but I haven’t written a word down yet and I have work in a few hours time. *is sad*

Oh, I swapped my Miku clock on the right side for a word count widget, which is going to stay there for the entire month.

Wish me luck!

No more NaNoWriMo!

Until next year that is. This year I wrote 11k+ words, so I didn’t win. I did realize how I should approach my NaNo next year, so it’s not totally bad. And I’m still going to work on my piece still, so yup, it’s all good.

However, it also leaves me with a lot of chores that I should do but haven’t done for the sake of concentrating (and failing to, at times) on writing. So the goal for this month is getting them all done. Or at least the more urgent and important ones. Yup.

I’m modifying a word count plugin right now so that I can keep track of how much words I continue to churn out of my writings, but it is being pissy and not cooperative. >.< If it does work, then I may release it or something, it may become useful for other people. =)

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