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Pirates will be out on Nov 12th?

According to this topic, because the Halloween event quests end on November 12th so it’s possible there’s a patch on that day that will be the patch to bring pirates to MapleSEA. Mere rumour or truth? Who knows, let’s wait until that day. ^^

*Wee little very belated update : Pirates for MapleSEA was released on 19th November instead. The news for the patch is here : Game Client Patch on 19/11.

Sel now has Jr. Reaper!

The pet in MapleStory, I mean. ^^ It’s adorable.

Jr Reaper!

Picture not done by me, credits to whoever made it. Here are the commands, copied from the PPF v.1.

Jr. Reaper
Level 1-30: Sit / iloveyou / hug / talk / say /chat / smellmyfeet / monstermash / trickortreat / rockout / boo / poop / playdead / no / bad / badboy / badgirl

*Added 30 Nov, a little more info*

The guitar and the signs are pet equipment and currently, only the guitar is released in MapleSEA. The cash item pet food for it is Caramel Beetle. It’s kinda hard to level, but it’s okay, I love my Jr Reaper anyway. <3

MapleSEA v0.63 Features!

MapleSEA v0.63 patch was released on 9th October! This one is a big patch, with lots of new interesting stuff. It’s so much that I decided to make this entry to help remember some of the details not mentioned in the official patch notes and introduction to the Enhance features. Oh, I’m mostly referencing stuff found in the PlayPark forum Maple General Discussion and from sites I’m redirected from there. xD

*Added the (5) on 31th October~*

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