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MapleSEA, Mind of Maple Necklace

First of all, I don’t have all the information. I just start this quest myself, and I’m posting to help myself remember what mobs to kill for what Piece of ‘something’. All these is directly copied/typed from what Chief Stan said.

Oh, you can copy and post it wherever you want, since the only trouble I went through is to take the screenshots and type it out, that’s all.

*Updated 28 Jan 09, guide on how to get the necklace
*Updated 29 Jan 09, guide on how to upgrade the necklace

MapleStory, Knights of Cygnus

I swear ASF is full of treasure sometimes. Or just plain helpful people with a lot of time and patience. I just found this topic with a truckload of information regarding Knights of Cygnus. I know I can probably find it all through google if I want to, but I’m lazy so I’m saving the link here first.

ASF topic : General Info of the Knights of Cygnus ,圣灵骑士团! (Release in Early June!!!)

MapleStory Party Experience Distribution

Found yet another interesting information from Asiasoft Forums, maple section. Not sure if it can be found at other places or not but I’m too lazy to search and I’ll post this here so that I know where to find it when I need it. Heh.

*Updated: A new Party Experience Distribution formula has been introduced to the server since patch version 0.86.

ASF topic : Posted by marbl3s in ASF, written by Ice8205

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