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Thoughts on Bleach and Fairy Tail manga latest happenings

After Naruto manga ended, I haven’t been checking the major manga titles for a while. So when I got caught in a reading mood these few days, I read some summaries to find out where Bleach and Fairy Tail has gotten to.

I am totally not surprised to find that Bleach is still nowhere near the end of its current (final?) arc, and that the Soul King has finally finally appeared. Pleased to learn that Fairy Tail’s Tartaros Arc had ended but a little mixed that there’s another arc to wait through. But that bombshell dropped at the end of Tartaros Arc… holy mother of Gaia, it changes so many things. And Gray’s new look is kinda cool, haha.

All in all, looking forward to more Fairy Tail growth, not so much for yet another new batch of enemies and ambiguous alignments. And Bleach… just end please, really.

Extension of Nandemoya’s Clearance Sale

Source (their website) : 1 Dec 08 – Extension of Clearance Sale

To be honest, I was lucky that there’s this extension or I’ll be at lost as to how to collect my Silver Diamond manga. And I didn’t know there was an extension until I visited their website on whim again.

In any case, the clearance sales is extended till 14th December. That’s five days left. There’s still quite a lot of manga when I went there a few days ago and hauled home (more like my bf helped with with the physically hauling part) a box full of manga containing a full set of Claymore, the set of chinese version Celestial Zone 1 which would have been whole if the last book was around (interestingly, I have the last book since years ago), various other manga that I wouldn’t have gotten if they weren’t on discount. Lol.

Nandemoya’s Comic Shop is closing!

Source (their website) : 25 Nov 08 – Ending of Rental Services & Clearance Sale

This is sad news, but at least they are not totally gone, so I can still get Silver Diamond and Loveless from somewhere.

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