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League of Legends SEA with Garena!

Source: Riot Games Partners with Garena to bring League of Legends to Southeast Asia

I heard the news some time after it came out, and it was a surprise to me. Garena was not on my guess list, but on hindsight, it makes a lot of sense of it to be approached by Riot Games.

Gates are down for SEA LOL players

Following up on the “League of Legends Southeast Asia” news, my sister reported today that she can (finally) not access the North America League of Legends server now. Yes, it meant that while the official news and email from Riot Games said that the IP block will be in place sometime late February, my sister (and a number of players, according to the LOL forum) was still able to access the server, until today.

Funny take on LOL SEA news

Forum member “Chaosfingers” posted a funny take on the announcement of “League of Legends Southeast Asia version”. This little gem is buried in the 69th page of the Southeast Asia megathread in the LOL forum (which is 70+ pages long right now). It’s a bit of a parody, but Chaosfingers hit the reactions to the news spot on.

Here’s what was posted, and needless to say, this did/does/will not happen in real life.

League of Legends Southeast Asia

My sister received an email about it and while it is expected that a SEA publisher will take the game, some part of the news came as a surprise and caused an uproar with the SEAsian LOL players.

Official News: Riot Signs a League of Legends Publisher in Southeast Asia

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