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New userstyles uploaded

I have been wanting to upload these new userstyles that I made recently and I finally did it today. You can find a complete list of my userstyles at my Projects page, but here are the two new ones.

Got attacked by Webarh redirect

I came online today to find that my websites were auto-redirecting to a, which was blocked by Google for being a malicious site (thank goodness!). It caused the whole load of my hosted images to not load (possibly because they were being blocked) and my websites to not be displayed. Thankfully, with the help of the almighty Google and other experts (links included below), and also several hours of staring at FileZilla and swearing at the screen, the problem has been fixed.

Internet Explorer’s serious security flaw

Got an email forwarded to me with this article (Patch For Major Internet Explorer Flaw) and it was quite alarming. I’m a Mozilla Firefox user, but sometimes I have to resort to IE because of some websites’ compatibility with it. What a year. There was the DNS exploit several months ago, then the issue with the mass hacking situation in MapleSEA (since game passwords are being targeted)… I’m seriously thinking about changing my passwords again.

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