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FFXIV: ARR Heavensward Astrologian Wallpaper -modified-

With the Heavensward expansion coming soon, I’ve been switching to use the officially released wallpapers. When the ones with the concept art of the three new jobs “Dark Knight”, “Astrologian” and “Machinist” were released, I was disappointed to find that they had a nice plain almost white background because I can’t stand bright backgrounds. 🙁

So I made my own modification to the Astrologian wallpaper, since it’s the one job I want to try the most.

I could have gone with a simple one color background to just make it darker, but I remember downloading a nice background that I found some time ago. So I combined the two.

The stars in the background are pretty fitting, aren’t they? And here’s the result!

While it is not the most balanced of pieces, I don’t think I did too badly for my purpose. Oh, the super dark bottom edge is deliberate, because my Windows Taskbar has transparency and any words showing through the tabs always disorientates me.

If you like any of the above, click on the images to get the original 1920×1080 wallpapers. 🙂

My projects

I find myself working with some kind of design or programming languages and thinking about what I can do with certain ideas and concepts often. Thus, the spawn of my projects. At the moment, they are just little pet projects, but maybe one day I will manage to make something that a lot of people will use. ^^

– – –


I am a great believer of seeing the internet the way I want to see it, using the Firefox’s Stylish add-on or Chrome’s Stylist and the website. I also enjoy applying my CSS knowledge (not much, but not little either) to make skins that make websites look pleasing to me and to others. Or just for my convenience. 🙂

The userstyles that I have made:

– – –


It shouldn’t be surprising that I have urges to do things to make my WordPress experience better. 😛

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Tangofy Icon Set: Rainbow Mix

I used the Silk WordPress admin menu icon set with Tangofy plugin because I didn’t like the monochromatic icons, but I didn’t particularly like the whole of that or any of the other sets. So yesterday when I was playing with the custom taxonomy thing for Drache’s test site, I got side-tracked and modified the admin icons into a set that I like. This is the result, Rainbox Mix.

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